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  1. L6steel

    What do I do with this?

    I think it looks great!! Sounds like you're just being too hard on yourself Strider!!! I bet if you finish it up with a nice handle someone will grab it up fast and be glad to have it!!
  2. L6steel

    Stents vs better living

    You're too mean to die Mark!!! :D My Mom had a stent put in in 2002 after she had a light heart attack and she has no problems at all since!! "Thank God!!!" I'm with all you guys about the smoking!!! Never thought I'd say it but I'm giving up the cigars!! I have 6 left in the box and when...
  3. L6steel

    OOPs at the Thrift Store

    Thanks for posting this Randy!!! It's nice to get a laugh every now and then!!! :D You might not have wasted your money though! Put that wine cooler on Ebay. I bet some hot shot wanna be would grab it up for 40 or 50 bucks!!
  4. L6steel

    Stainless questions

    Since you don't know what kind of stainless the plates are, you wouldn't be able to heat treat them properly so I would not make knives out of them. If your friend doesn't have a use for them and you have room to stash them, I'd grab them up asap, especially if they're clean!!! :D You'll find a...
  5. L6steel

    A Fine Feed at the Fortress

    Looks like you folks had a fine meal!!! Your home is beautiful Peter, especially the fireplace!!!!
  6. L6steel

    Need help locating a member of the Sexton family

    This is a grand thing you're doing Robert! You might be looking in the wrong direction for the Sexton family. I did some Googling and the info I found does not say Mr. Sexton owned the Texas School Book Depository. Here's a link to one of the pages I found...
  7. L6steel

    Made in the USA

    I prefer "Made In The U.S.A." !! What really burns me up is when I'm in the Base Exchange on Hurlburt AFB or Eglin AFB, and 99% of the crap you pick up has a made in china sticker on it! You'd think the government would do more to support American companies!!!
  8. L6steel

    Secrets of the Viking Sword

    Anyone that missed it can watch it online at this web site. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/secrets-viking-sword.html You can watch just about anything that PBS airs on their web site.
  9. L6steel

    Machining WIP

    You have amazing skills Nathan!!! I wish I'd had the sense to learn the machinists' trade way back!! If you watched me use a mill or a lathe, after you stopped laughing, you'd probably yank the plug, lol!!!
  10. L6steel

    Secrets of the Viking Sword

    Outstanding Bean!!! Thank you for the heads up!!
  11. L6steel

    Good movies?

    "Red" is a great flick!!! It's full of killing laced with comedy! Ya can't beat that! Here's a link to a page with some info on it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1245526/
  12. L6steel

    Unexpected Knifemaking Support

    Daggum Rick, it must be awesome to have nice neighbors!!!!! The only time anyone ever brought anything good around here was when they wanted to sell it, lol!! It sure is nice when good things happen to good folks!!!
  13. L6steel

    Boxes and Shipping

    I used to save the card board tubes that I got my steel in and if a knife would fit in it, just cut a chunk the length I needed and wrap the knife up and pack it real tight with news paper. I used duck tape on the ends and never had a problem!!
  14. L6steel

    Animal friendly ?

    My dog Angel gets lots of goodies!!! I'd feed the squirrels, birds, and all the other critters that visit our yard if Angel hadn't run em all off!! :D We used to have lots of squirrels but not anymore, lol!!!
  15. L6steel

    Things I Used To Believe (before I learned better)

    I don't get it guys! I always wore welding gloves when I was grinding and I never had any problems!! I know tools like a drill bit or lathe or table saw can grab a glove and mess your hand up big time but I just don't see the problem with a belt grinder.
  16. L6steel

    Social networking... do you?

    My neighbor's daughter talked me into signing up with FB three or four years ago. I filled out as little information as possible and didn't post a picture or anything and within two or three days I started getting bombarded with emails from FB members asking me to be their friend!!! Crap, I...
  17. L6steel

    Cutting out blanks

    Don't anybody use a band saw anymore? :eek:
  18. L6steel

    1st set of knives off for HT - wife took some pics

    You definitely have a future in knife making Mr. Carter!!! To fill in the gaps around the pins you can mix up a small amount of epoxy and add in some black pigment and used something to force it into the gap. Put some tape around the area first to control the mess. Once the epoxy dries, hand...
  19. L6steel

    Do walnut scales need to be stabilized?

    Hello Rocky!! If you use walnut for the handle, it does need to be stabilized! There are only a few types of wood that can handle the abuse without being stabilized. What kind of knife are you going to make and how is it going to be used? If the knife is gonna be a heavy duty user, you might...