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  1. pj551016

    Pattern welded bowie

    Such a beauty! I think it would pair well with a mahogany sheath with fancy tooling. I’m very interested! Would you please shoot me a pm? Thanks PJ
  2. pj551016

    Closed Thanks BF & Buyers!

    damn, beat me to the chubby by 3 minutes. PS: e/o love your videos! PJ
  3. pj551016

    Review Withdrawn

    Would you please send pics of the Southard to jpeng19890803 at gmail dot com? thanks PJ
  4. pj551016

    Cold Steel 4-Max Made in Italy

    Sebenza sold to Kashi! Thanks PJ
  5. pj551016

    We 818 sold thanks BF

    I have a brand new large Sebenza 21 insingo with micarta inlays in S35VN. Please pm me if interested. thanks PJ
  6. pj551016

    WTS Shiro, Hoback, ZT Factory Custom, Reates, We Synergy2 Benchmade

    Interested in WE Synergy 2, would you please email jpeng19890803 at gmail dot com with details on condition of knife and pics? thanks PJ
  7. pj551016

    PRICE DROP! Apurvis mk2, ZT 0450cf and more needs a new home!

    Interested in the Purvis. Please email at jpeng19890803 at gmail dot com Thank you!
  8. pj551016

    Spyderco Paysan SOLD

    I’m very interested in the Paysan. Has it ever been carried or used? Where in Alberta are you? Please feel free to pm to reply Thanks PJ
  9. pj551016

    Photos Could Anyone Tell Me Anything about This Todd Begg Folder Please?

    Thanks cchu518. Yeah the specs from ebh's website is great, but my curiousity demands a little more. Cheers PJ
  10. pj551016

    Photos Could Anyone Tell Me Anything about This Todd Begg Folder Please?

    I recently came across this folder by Todd Begg and it's just beautiful. I tried to do a little more research on it but came up with absolutely nothing. All I have is its measurements and the fact that it's designed by Liong Mah and made by Todd Begg. Therefore I'm turning to the mighty BF...
  11. pj551016

    TRADED - Spyderco - Military and Szabo

    Knives received. Thanks again! PJ
  12. pj551016

    Cold Steel 4-Max Made in Italy

    4-Max withdrawn
  13. pj551016

    Cold Steel 4-Max Made in Italy

    Up for sale is a Unused Cold Steel 4-Max, Italy version. Price is withdrawn shipped within Canada. EMT is preferred but I do take PayPal as well. Also for sale a brand new Large Sebenza 21 Insingo w/ Micarta inlays. Asking price is SOLD shipped.
  14. pj551016

    BNIB SpydieChef

  15. pj551016


    I’ll take the micarta insingo and the ti-lock. PM coming tomorrow morning. Good night PJ
  16. pj551016


    Payment sent for Anso Solo
  17. pj551016

    Price Reduced Tom Mayo, Spyderco Chinook 3, Benchmade Barrage, Large Sebenza UG and More

    The 581 has been withdrawn. Full refund issued. I apologize for the inconvenience. PJ