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    Spyderco Rex45 Para 3 ,Talwar(CTS-XHP)

    I'll take the para 3 if you'll ship to Canada. Cheers!
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    Spyderco, Microtech, Benchmade, ZT, Tom Mayo and More

    Hi, Is the Rubicon still available? Cheers, Mark
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    Hoback Custom Kwaiback MK4

    Hey, Do you still have your Hoback?
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    FS ZT 562CF, ZT 460

    Hey, Are you interested in a trade for your 562?
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    For Sale or Trade BTF Tighe Fighter, Reate Epoch

    Hey, are you interested in a microtech for your reate?
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    ADV mini pathfinder!!!

    Hey, I'm very interested!!
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    ADV mini pathfinder!!!

    Hey, I'd love to see some pics, [email protected] Cheers, Mark