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  1. johnwaynesandw

    WINNER SELECTED ! - 2014 BladeForums Knife

    What a great knife. I wanted to get one, but waited too long. Thank you for such a generous gift.
  2. johnwaynesandw

    Price drop!! Spyderco, Benchmade.......

    I know this is a long shot, but is the Delica in foliage green G10?
  3. johnwaynesandw

    Kershaw 1615, 1775; Boker Auto's; 4 Sebenza's - 3 Micarta 21's & 1 Large Regular!!!

    If you are willing to split them up, I would be interested in the Boker auto (black combo edge). Thanks, John
  4. johnwaynesandw

    Thinking about buying my first spyderco

    It is hard to beat a Delica. I had one in G10, and I have started to miss it recently. The Endura is a little too large for me to EDC (so is the Buck 110 I prefer the 112). I do EDC a para 2 which is a great knife. Also look at the Police 3. It is a long knife, even longer than the 110. As for...
  5. johnwaynesandw

    Corporate/office pocket knifes (Traditional knives only please)

    The Northfield White Owl is the knife I have set aside for church carry. I would think it would nice in the office as well. Small enough not to raise an eye unless they are looking for something to nag about. If that is the case it does not matter how small of a knife it is. It's big enough that...
  6. johnwaynesandw

    Let's see your Charlie SFOs

    You guys really love rubbing salt in wounds. I have wanted one of the Charlows for some time. With all of these pictures, I may sell off a knife or two and buy one. Shame on you all for having such beautiful knives :D .
  7. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    Now that one on the right has some nice mellow to it. Looks to have a nice patina as well. One of these days I might pick up a 15, but they seem to go pretty fast. I am in no big hurry since the 73 is comfortable to carry, but sometimes I miss a shorter blade.
  8. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    Thanks for the kind words. You had me laughing with the strawberries :thumbup: . I do enjoy the look of the mellowed stag. I have not found a way to to make them mellow out any faster than their normal slow process. I guess they are like us and take some time to mellow out and get smoother with...
  9. johnwaynesandw

    A bunch of knives and what do I discover?

    I have done this same thing. What I have found works is to box all other knives up and don't look at the for a few months or even a year. When you do open the box, you will be like a kid a Chirstmas time. I really enjoy pulling out a knife that I have not carried or even looked at in a while...
  10. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    Mike, that is one heck of a nice half congress.I could dig having that in my pocket. Looks like it carries nice and would cut like the dickens.
  11. johnwaynesandw

    Green River GAW *Trevytrev wins*

    Not an entry, but I must say what an awsome job on those handles. Two thumbs up. Very nice GAW.
  12. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    It would not hurt to keep an eye out for a good deal on a 73. If I had too, I would trade off a knife or two in order to get a 73 if I did not have one. It is about as close to perfect as I could hope for in a production taditional knife. Mine needed a little attention to the edge. Once I spent...
  13. johnwaynesandw

    I'm THAT guy: need some recommendations

    Welcome to the traditional section. There are a bunch of great guys that hang out here. Take a look at the the GEC Northfield 72. Plenty of handle options and their 1095 is great for a traditional knife. It is a lock back and even in stag it will not break your budget. They are about as high...
  14. johnwaynesandw

    GEC Congress spring strength - any views?

    My 68 is fairly weak, but my 73 and 47 both have a stout pull around 7.
  15. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    Well since everyone is showing off there 73's, I might as well join in. Here is my 73.
  16. johnwaynesandw

    This knife is "small" enough for me.

    Awsome knife! I would have a hay day putting a mirror finish edge on that blade. What a heck of a blade.
  17. johnwaynesandw

    Spyderco package deal - SOLD

    I am interested in the Harpy. Would you consider selling it by itself? Thanks, John