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  1. fargo203

    Diamond Spray

  2. fargo203

    The K390 Thread - Photos and Experiences

    I have a k390 mule. Have processed lots of chickens, rabbits, and probably a dozen deer. Really impressed with the toughness. Have had zero issues with chipping even when chopping through joints etc.
  3. fargo203

    Big Chris Fixed Blades

    Hunter in Black linen micarta with 3V blade and unfinished flats. .187" thick with slightly over 4.5" blade. Comes with kydex sheath. I will take this if still available. PM sent Thanks
  4. fargo203

    Spyderco bow river

    If made with s90v i would'nt hesitate for $150 would love to have one.
  5. fargo203

    Spyderco sharpmaker. Sold

    Used a couple of times, not my style. $50 TYD. PayPal.
  6. fargo203

    Practice Here to Post Pics
  7. fargo203

    Practice Here to Post Pics

  8. fargo203

    Walk-in cooler

    Coolbot will allow your existing a/c to run even cooler
  9. fargo203

    Big Chris nessmuk and small hunter

    I will take the small hunter