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  1. silverdragon33

    Busses for sale

    Payment sent. Thanks
  2. silverdragon33

    Busses for sale

    Oh WTH, I'll take the WTH. Please email me. Thanks
  3. silverdragon33

    Introducing The Forsaken Steel Heart With Nano Fusion Handle.... Coming Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    got my nuke today! sorry no pics. feels lighter than the sarsquatch though
  4. silverdragon33

    "Park Ranger". . . Pics, Specs, and Pricing!. . . Coming Sept. 20, 2017

    Looks like this is pretty close the HRLM in size but just a little thinner. The HRLM is my favorite small blade. Anyone have a comparison pic and how does it compare in use?
  5. silverdragon33

    Folders (non Busse)

    just picked up the 0562cf since i wanted something in a more modern steel than my other folders. Seems like a sweet knife, but haven't gotten the opportunity to put it to use yet. My first modern ZT. Glad it doesn't feel like a boat anchor in the pocket like the old ones (which was the reason...
  6. silverdragon33

    Busse Edge Problems

    "proper edge geometry" is rather subjective depending on your uses and preference. This ^. While they do sharpen them better than they used to, the edges are still sometimes a lot thicker than I'd like (ex: some of my more recent knives were a ratmandu and a swatmandu. the rat grind was...
  7. silverdragon33

    BURP Test

    I thought that you were going to open a beer and a bag of snacks with it.... Gotta make use of all those features
  8. silverdragon33

    It's 2017, Time to move away from powder coats!

    In my experience when they stay wet for a whole day or more, the rust does not just wipe off. Usually it's super shallow and not too hard to get off but it leaves plenty of spots that you can tell where it was. Those take some time and care with sandpaper to make those look nice again.
  9. silverdragon33

    It's 2017, Time to move away from powder coats!

    I like coatings. I use my knives in wet environs, usually all day hikes or multi-day backpacks. When they get wet and stay wet for that time. I've used satin INFI blades likes this, and it's a pain to clean them up to afterwards.
  10. silverdragon33

    Bushwacker Mistress Handle vs Fusion handle

    If you were to overlay them, you could see that the handles have a very similar profile. The only real difference is the top back end and ever so slightly more belly on the BWM. The scales are a little rounder on the BWM (compared to older fusion handles), and this may tilt the comfort scale...
  11. silverdragon33

    opinions wanted on a backpacking / camping / hunting knife

    that second one does look like an HR, and IMO it chops better than the rest including the .22 ASH1. it would be my preference for a lightweight and versatile backpacking knife our of those options
  12. silverdragon33

    Can I have a bit of clarity?

    I believe the HH was .27 thick. The original FSH was .25 and convex ground
  13. silverdragon33

    Does anyone actually USE their Busse knives?

    Using a #2 LE. Sar8 is an under-appreciated knife.
  14. silverdragon33

    Which one did you enjoy and use the most BWM or NMFBM?

    Agreed. These are great for the woods. Useful length, chops well for the weight, and doesn't add much weight. Don't have an NMFBM, but I enjoy carrying the BWM more than my CGFBM.
  15. silverdragon33

    Favorite All Around blade?

    this is a hell of a chopper for the weight. squatch is a close second