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  1. Btacoma

    GEC Urban Jacks SOLD

    I’ll take the jigged
  2. Btacoma

    GEC Urban Jacks SOLD

    Did you make a mistake on the jigged bone price
  3. Btacoma

    Backpacks - Bags - Pouches - Pens - Wallets

    I’ll take the Thule and water bottle sling
  4. Btacoma

    Seiko watches (modded turtle and field watch)

    Seiko turtle and field watch. Both have been modded. Seiko turtle: sapphire crystal w/ green ar coating. Twist bezel and sapphire bezel insert. Carter blue strap. Damage to case (video) $250 seiko field: dome sapphire crystal Strap gecko strap. $150 https://imgur.com/gallery/d2oXCrC no...
  5. Btacoma

    New GEC 47's

    Both are gone?
  6. Btacoma

    Seiko modded watch SOLD

    Seiko snzh55 modded. Not sure who did the mods but they are spot on. 1. nh35 movement 2. Dome Sapphire crystal 3. Dagaz dial and hand set 4. Bezel insert Comes with sail cloth band. Brush finish was applied to the case. $155 shipped conus. Post in thread followed by pm or email to...
  7. Btacoma

    31 PJ SOLD

    This is sold. Thank you