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    The New SURVIVE!

    Yeah for the money you can't beat their knives. Nothing even comes close.
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    New sk thread

    I've heard gso - lite just curious what is meant by this ? Thinner stock ?
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    Photos Patina Pics, Let's see what ya got!

    Great idea for a thread
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    Website Launch Giveaway! Winner Selected

    I'm in ! And congrats ! I have a ultimate hunter that needs some lovin
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    Why are you so in to knives?

    Ugh I think initially it's a subconscious thing with my mom never allowing me to have one. I grew up in the city and in a rough area and it just wasn't needed. Plus w my luck I would have fallen on it or something. As I got older I became a tradesman and learned to appreciate well crafted things...
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    Definitely been bit

    Just wondering if you like the 204p better than the xhp? I know they are different knives but any preference?
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    Custom GSO Handles - WIP thread

    You are a beast Tony, hats off to you. Hope I can own some of your work someday. Thumbsup
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    New sk thread

    Yes it would ,maybe ffg??? I would love something a true 4 in.
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    New sk thread

    So I just got the ok from the Mrs and went on s.com to order and apparently they are sold out ? Is this correct or are they waiting to let people order ? Has anyone else ordered a sk 3.5?
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    New sk thread

    I think you need to read those threads a little better pal. You don't notice the same few bugs flying around these threads ? I agree I need some help w my self control . I am new to bf and I thoroughly appreciate being here. I also am a passionate and loyal person and I can tend to be a bit out...
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    Definitely been bit

    I have ten now and I'm done for a while . It was a crazy 6 months . Every time I bought one I was like ok this is it for a while. Spyderco is TROUBLE !!!
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    Not enough love for the Gayle Bradley 2

    Anyone tried a forced patina w the m4 ? I'm definitely interested in doing it but just wanted to make sure it was possible
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    How long in the knife game?

    I've had way worse problems than buying knives .
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    Bradford Guardian 4 ...choice of blade steel and grind

    M390 ffg stonewash for sure and the 3d scales for sure . What an awesome knife ,you will be very pleased.
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    The New SURVIVE!

    Old stonewash would be awesome!
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    What's the best looking fixed blade in your opinion?

    Either the Trc k1 or K1s. Honorable mentions, barkriver bravo1, lionsteel m4 , survive sk4, Fallkniven nl5, fiddleback bushcrafter sr.
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    Yes... another refund request

    Good luck I really do hope you get it soon
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    New sk thread

    Couldn't agree more
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    One Knife from Each Brand Name

    Spyderco manix2 lw maxamet Benchmade 940-1 c.f. s90v Trc k1s elmax Survive gso 4.1 d3v Barkriver bravo 1 3v Coldsteel ultimate hunter xhp Fallkniven nl4 vg10 Lionsteel m4 m390 Zero tolerance 804cf cts204p Bradford guardian 4 3d 3v