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  1. Rotte

    Finished Custom Orders

    I've been more than disappointed and annoyed to see that Adam has sold dozens of Puukkos since I ordered mine in 2017. The initial reason for the delay was that there was a shortage of 52100 steel. I could understand that initially, but now that excuse is lame. Especially as attempts to contact...
  2. Rotte

    Finished Custom Orders

    I ordered a custom Puukko back in 2017. Paid in full. Still has not been delivered. I send e-mails every few months asking for the knife I paid for or a refund. I hear nothing back. This has been the worst custom-anything experience I've ever had.
  3. Rotte

    Blade Show!

    I can't make Blade this year. I've got too many commitments. Maybe in '19!
  4. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 3/16/2018

    The Bushcraft Karda is a fantastic EDC.
  5. Rotte

    AA Forge Collections

    Nice shots, guys! I'll see if I can get a group shot of mine up in the next few days.
  6. Rotte

    Show off your Fiddlebacks and Leather

    Still trying.....and thanks for compliment. Not a shadow to one of yours.
  7. Rotte

    Show off your Fiddlebacks and Leather

    Made a sheath for the new Handyman. This Handyman, my first, is just fantastic. Could be my favorite Fiddleback. I'm no sheath maker, but this one came out pretty well, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Rotte

    Merry Christmas 2017!!!

    A very Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Rotte

    Tusker Travels vol 3

    Tusker seems right at home there.
  10. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 12/01/2017

    I'm not biting on that Recluse. If that's what you are thinking....No. Ain't gonna happen. ...but maybe I'll check back in the morning....
  11. Rotte

    Campfire Chicken & Dressing

    Understandable. I've been cooking for 40 years and never feel I've got the seasoning "just right". Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Rotte

    Campfire Chicken & Dressing

    Looking good! How'd it turn out?
  13. Rotte

    Fiddleback Runt Thread

    Nice to see some love for this fabulously handy little knife.
  14. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 11/17/2017

    Thank you, thank you, thank you....I was just checking back in. Had it still been here......well, they don't make doghouses big enough for the one I'd be in....
  15. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 11/17/2017

    What? In Jade? No way. That'd be plain foolish. You'd probably only lose it anyway. Right? Although....those black pins do make it look kinda cool...... Still, you don't need it. Like I don't need that 'Muk.
  16. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 11/17/2017

    I am NOT buying that Nessmuk! I don't care how gorgeous it is. I do NOT need a 4th Nessmuk. Are those blue pinstripes.....?
  17. Rotte

    Fiddleback Friday 11/17/2017

    You guys are killin' me here.
  18. Rotte


    Sorry there. I did go over to your website and used your custom order page to order up a Puuko, so it looks like I'm in! I'm stoked!
  19. Rotte


    Hey, Adam, let me jump in here before the books close up. I'd like to get on the list for one of your Puukos.
  20. Rotte

    Well...It's Friday...

    That Osage Nessmuk looks amazing. I love the Fiddleback Nessmuk and am counting on someone snatching that up before I weaken.