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  1. JSMcustoms

    Fake Sebenza Just sold on eBay.

    No inlay on the backside of the knife is a dead giveaway that it's a fake. That and having had an inlayed Sebenza at one time, the whole thing just looks wrong to me in general. Sucks that someone got scammed like this. *currently carrying a Sebenza 25 Wilson Combat Edition*
  2. JSMcustoms

    Guardian Tactial Helix Nano (Ghost Jade G10)

    Up for sale, I have a Guardian Tactial Helix Nano in Ghost Jade G10 (KnifeCommand Dealer exclusive). It's actually a little translucent when held up to the light. I carried this knife once and used to open a single package. Flipping action is nice and smooth as it should be on bearings. Very...
  3. JSMcustoms

    Para 3 in December CONFIRMED!

    If it's a scaled down version of the Paramilitary 2... I'm already digging this thing. I sorta wish they'd go ahead and put the specs out there for us...
  4. JSMcustoms

    Large Sebenza 21 with Ebony Inlays (SOLD)

    Up for grabs I have lightly used Large Sebenza 21 with Gabon Ebony inlays (May 29th, 2015 birth date). There are minor signs of carry and use, but the knife is otherwise 100%. Includes original box, towel, grease, tool and paperwork. Asking SOLD to your door via USPS Priority Mail (tracked and...
  5. JSMcustoms

    Firearms Transport in Tennessee?

    I live in North Carolina, but have been looking at traveling to range across state lines over in Tennessee. It's actually the range closest to my location and the most practical to visit. My question is, with Tennessee's convoluted firearms laws regarding carry and transport, what...
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  7. JSMcustoms

    Sprint Run Request Thread!

    Another one for a Para 2 in 3V steel.
  8. JSMcustoms

    Wtt PM2 M4 Jade

    Email sent.
  9. JSMcustoms


    Email sent.
  10. JSMcustoms

    De-assisted Benchmade Mini Barrage

    That's kinda what I was thinking as well. I mean, this thing is just going to be used for opening boxes etc. It's not even a hard use knife to begin with.
  11. JSMcustoms

    De-assisted Benchmade Mini Barrage

    I took the plunge and removed the coil spring from my 585-2 Mini Barrage (what a bear that thing was to disassemble and put back together). During the reassembly process, that small metal backspacer was intentionally left out to create a full flow through design. My question is, will this cause...
  12. JSMcustoms

    Knife Recommendation for a Friend

    Benchmade 580 Barrage would've been my suggestion too. On a side note... it's 4.2 ounces according to specs (so just slightly under 5). The Benchmade Volli would be another knife to consider. Also... the Benchmade 890S Torrent.
  13. JSMcustoms

    Trayvax Axis Wallet

    I have a lightly carried Trayvax Axis wallet up for trade. It has been carried a few times, but is still in very good condition. The only noticeable blemish is from where I carried a key in the inner slip pocket. Looking for an Aluminum Hinderer Pen or a small CR123a powered flashlight. Not...
  14. JSMcustoms

    Name for the PM3

    Paramilitary 3 has a nice ring to it personally.
  15. JSMcustoms


    This still available?
  16. JSMcustoms

    Ordered a Sebenza 21 and didn't receive it!

    I've had this happen before with a package. I went to the Post Office the next day, and they had it there for some reason for which they offered no explanation. The seller should work with you since the tracking information shows it having been delivered, however, the USPS mandates you wait at...
  17. JSMcustoms

    Benchmade 551-1 First Production (#199 of 1000) - Price Drop

    Up for sale I have a very good condition Benchmade 551-1. It is a first production run (#199 of 1000). This knife has been carried a couple of times, but never used. The factory black clip has also been swapped out for a satin one. Other than that, this knife is like new. Includes original box...