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  1. Lycosa

    Crusader Forge Mint

    Email me please. [email protected]
  2. Lycosa

    Helm/Tendick - Tanto/Wakizashi

    Brolaboration. :D
  3. Lycosa

    Fairly Knives Chat Thread!!!

    Than't one gorgeous knife, Frailer. Gratzee!! rolf
  4. Lycosa

    Why the "backwards" lefty chisel grind ? Just seems wrong !

    I love the chisel grind but boy is the Spyderco Leaf blade nice too. rolf
  5. Lycosa

    pocket thing

    Holeekow!!! I love the blade shape! rolf
  6. Lycosa

    My thoughts about carrying a military for a while

    TOO much!!^ Gratzee. I love the Millie and would get one but my Para 1 still holds me. rolf
  7. Lycosa

    Fairly Knives Chat Thread!!!

    This.^ Daniel... do you sleep?
  8. Lycosa

    Sadly, I have to quit knifemaking.

    Yes.^ Stay positive and things will work out. rolf
  9. Lycosa

    Lil Temperance 3 - I must be missing something!

    Understood.^ Yep, the FRN LT3 is going to happen. In different colors too, I think. rolf
  10. Lycosa

    Superlight Tantos

    These are fantastic, Kam!! rolf
  11. Lycosa

    [SOLD] Crusader Forge FIFP Flipper

    email coming. rolf
  12. Lycosa

    Spider Damascus Bowie WIP

    You had me at, Spider. Absolutely Gorgeous!! rolf
  13. Lycosa

    Lil Temperance 3 - I must be missing something!

    Cool. Have you tried, gawd forbid, tip down? Yea, you want to get er just-right. thanks. rolf
  14. Lycosa

    Anyone ever heard of Metal Worn?

    I like unorthodox but my hand has the final say. rolf
  15. Lycosa

    BF is fortunate...

    Thank you, Gentlemen! Carry on!! rolf
  16. Lycosa

    Lil Temperance 3 - I must be missing something!

    Gut shovel. :D Thanks for the pix, Halfneck. I think your going to be EDCing this one a lot! rolf
  17. Lycosa

    Integral RWL-34 Art knife ,, North Blood ,,

    Stefan- G10 handle and a acid or satin finish blade. The design is so cool and flexible. rolf