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  1. mndart

    DDR Trigger

    Hi to all, For sale is a DDR Trigger. The only trade interest I have is a new or used (in good shape and undamaged) Skookum Bush Tool or a Turley Gasconade. This is one of two sterile Triggers made with plain handles, each one of a kind. This is a manual opener. Blade is hand rubbed satin...
  2. mndart

    3 Leukus (ALL SOLD)

    I'll take #1
  3. mndart


  4. mndart

    ~~ Withdrawn

    Plz email me
  5. mndart

    ~~ Withdrawn

  6. mndart

    Fallkniven, Gray Wolf Knives Wolflore

    Received. Awesome. Feedback added
  7. mndart

    Beware of Scammer

    more details? They wanted to pay you with a check and then you would mail the knife after you received the check? I have done this a few times but I am careful about it. I hold on to the knife till the check has cleared. Then I mail it. It is rare, but happens. Not everyone is on PayPal etc.
  8. mndart

    ~~SOLD~ B. Goode Slimline Companion

    Thanks Larry. Shipping very late today, first thing in the morning.
  9. mndart

    ~~SOLD~ B. Goode Slimline Companion

    Hi Larry. It is the one that matches my handle here on BF. Mndat was a typo. I am not so agile on these tiny little mobile phones.
  10. mndart

    ~~SOLD~ B. Goode Slimline Companion

    For sale, No trades please... Brian Goode Slimline Companion 4" O1 blade 5/32" thick 8-3/4" overall. Green canvas micarta handle. Leather sheath. I was told it has seen light use. It is in excellent condition. Beautiful Hamon on the blade. Sold Thanks for looking, Dan
  11. mndart

    AA Forge - Nomad (SOLD)

    :( wah! I blew my budget on the FF.... :oops:
  12. mndart


    Errent post
  13. mndart

    AA Forge Trade Blanket - WTB, WTS, WTT!!!

    WTB an AA FORGE MINIMALIST.. Please PM me if you have one of these you would like to sell. Thanks, Dan
  14. mndart


    ~~ w/d
  15. mndart

    ~ w/d