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  1. J

    I keep coming back to the Recruit

    The recruit and classic make a great team. SAK scissors are second to none. Its too bad there is no recruit equivalent model with scissors.
  2. J

    I keep coming back to the Recruit

    I wonder if it was a recruit assembled just after Victorinox took over Wenger? The Wenger blades were a bit wider with more belly on the blade than the Vic's.
  3. J

    I keep coming back to the Recruit

    The recruit is the SAK that is soooo much of a great everyday real world pocket knife. It has the two blades for a wife variety of cutting, both flat and Phillips head screw driving capability, the bottle and can openers, and a nice smooth backside that is a great deal more comfortable in hand...
  4. J

    Victorinox florist knife, pt. 3.

    It wears in jeans pockets just fine. It's so light weight that most times you never know its even there. The shape is all rounded off so no corners to wear holes in pockets. Very slim, smooth, light package. And theres enough blade sticking up that even with work gloves on, you can pinch it...
  5. J

    Favorite traditional pattern

    Stockman, hands down. Having three different blades in one small package is too good to pass up. And as I got 'older' and needed less knife, they make small stockman that work as a coin pocket knife. Second place would be a small SAK.
  6. J

    Any love for small Opinels?

    THIS!!!!!! In the past 40 years that I've been carrying Opinels, I've never had one open in a pocket. If they get a little loose, they get snugged up with a hammer to the rivet. I never even use the locking ring 80 to 90% of the time. In my mind, every change that has been made to Opinels from...
  7. J

    Any love for small Opinels?

    I've used both a number 4 and 5. They are great little knives for light pocket knife duties like sharpening a pencil, cutting off those plastic price tag things, opening an Amazon box, cutting any kind of light string/twine/fishing line. You can drop them in a shirt pocket and forget they are...
  8. J

    The ideal multi-tool for travel abroad.

    WHAT????? You admit to traveling with no cutlery at all, and you survived?:eek: I'm shocked I tell you, totally shocked. Everyone knows you have to have a main knife, and a back up knife, and a back up to the backup if you wish to survive the wilds of Europe. o_O :D
  9. J

    Broken backspring Queen

    This is why I gave up on Queen knives a long time ago. My two main complaints were they came dull or too think behind the edge, and the back springs broke on a regular basis. Far too regular for me. I grew to mistrust them. I had a few Queen knives, and all them bit the dust on me. "Fool me...
  10. J

    Recommendation? Knife for dad's bday

    First off, does you dad already carry a pocket knife, and if so, what kind? Please don't make the mistake of projecting your knife preferences on you dad if he's much of an 'older' generation. As a certified old fart and grandfather, and having been the recipient of gift knives from the kids...
  11. J

    I just fell in love with this lil' Pocket knife!

    Be veeeeery careful, HARDBALL. The world of friction folders can be very seductive. I got a Sardinian Resolza once, many years ago, and it started a love affair with the old friction folders. I then got a Japanese Higonokami, which is what you haver there, and that led to another Higonokami...
  12. J

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    And the nail file tip makes a good driver for those little Phillips screws on electronics and eye glass frames, as well as not a bad awl or poky tool. edit to add; amazingly, it makes a decent file for a chipped nail as well.
  13. J

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    HARDBALL, Victorinox makes a version of the paring knife that comes with a red plastic blade cover. Makes is ideal for stashing in a pack. They also have a nylon belt sheath for them. Sometimes hard to find, but they are on the 'net. Great little knives to have in a pack, they do cut like the...
  14. J

    Uses For The Stockman

    Best advice in the whole thread!!!
  15. J

    I lost my favorite knife

    A beer?????:eek: I hope you bought him a nice lunch with a few beers.
  16. J

    Light weight knife for hiking - have to admit, it makes a difference.

    I don't know how outdate it may be, as there was three revisions of that book for updating materials and gear with more modern and lighter gear. So between the Complete Walker, The Complete Walker II, The Complete Walker III, and The complete Walker IV, Mr. Fletcher made quite a lot of updating...
  17. J

    Most versatile/well-rounded knife you have

    Buck 301 stockman. Three different blades with three different edges, and three different blade shapes. Can be used as a box cutter/package opens with he sheep foot blade, skinning/castrating with the spey blade, general slicing and field dressing of small game and deer with the clip blade...
  18. J

    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Had the Moderna, and first shot had no effect. Second shot kicked my ass!. Woke up the day after the second with a mind blowing headache like the worst hangover I ever had. Pain and ache in joints, some chills and slight fever. The day after I was fine when I woke up. Okay, for one day of...
  19. J

    Which of my knives should I not carry on me?

    Personally, I think anything more than an Opinel number 10 and a Leatherman micra isn't needed. Especially if you'll be above tree line!o_O In town a Case peanut should do it.;)
  20. J

    When did regular old pocket knives become “traditional”?

    Tom, apparently memo's don't get delivered unless the rock has a mailbox on it. :D Yes, I think the death of the small independent hardware stores has a bit to do with it, but there were other factors at work. Over the course of a few decades after the second world war, there was a huge change...