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  1. shunsui

    Photos Your First Busse

    My first Busse was the NMSFNO. No regrets.
  2. shunsui

    Brother Dan Just Dropped His Latest Upcoming Offer On My Desk!!!. . . Yowza!!!!

    Does your Busse account work on the SYKCO purchase knives section ? Don't want to make another account and it won't let you just buy one without an account.
  3. shunsui

    Off Topic Poll...What do you think UFO's are? <poll re-opened>

    Well if it's Pentagon technology, I wonder what the ceiling limit is.
  4. shunsui

    Off Topic Poll...What do you think UFO's are? <poll re-opened>

    I think someone said most reports of UFO's fell in two categories: Interesting, but not very credible. Credible, but not very interesting. Even the recent Navy video is just a blot bouncing around. I'm kind of bored with it all: cover ups, hoaxes, mis-direction, cableTV, rumors, etc. I'll pay...
  5. shunsui

    “Grail EDC”

    I carried an Endura since 92, but this past year I've switched to the Siren. I like the pointy tip, the no rust steel, the coarse G10 and the smooth as silk back spacer. Great overall design, just an added bonus.
  6. shunsui

    So Jerry, any hints for Black Friday this year??

    I think the WS1020 was this year's Black Friday Pre-emptive Strike...and it was a good one.
  7. shunsui

    Exclusives - Need "Thought- to- share"?

    The argument I'm hearing is the flippers' actions somehow keep more people involved in the knife industry through some twisted but functional form of advertising/marketing hype. Perhaps that's important. Then again, we may be a few years away from the Chinese destroying the American knife...
  8. shunsui

    Yard Slicer

    Amazing how light this knife is. Here's a quick pic of the blade.
  9. shunsui

    What do you think is the best knife that Spyderco has released in the last five years?

    The Amalgam and the Siren just get beat out by the Waterway for me. The perfect little fixed blade.
  10. shunsui

    Photos RIP Ronybear;

    He'll be missed. RIP
  11. shunsui

    New really picky Spyderco fan: Should I get a second PM2?

    I'd love more Manix2 XL knives in various steels. The Para3 didn't do much for me. Stopped at one.
  12. shunsui

    Can you imagine if Jerry decided to enter the firearm market?

    DSSF bayonet. Infi would be useful, but SR77 would be awesome.
  13. shunsui

    Your first flipper

    Think it was this one: Zero Tolerance 0560BW. Liked the fingerguard aspect. Bought more of the Hinderer style flippers. The Spyderco Amalgam is very nice too.
  14. shunsui

    Last 3 you got

    Waterway JumpMaster 2 Siren
  15. shunsui

    So I picked up my first Busse, I think it’s a Team Gemini M. What can you tell me about it?

    A couple of close variations, Alpha Dog and Dog Soldier.
  16. shunsui

    My buys for 2020

    K390 Ladybug Siren (outstanding) VG-10 Police4 S30V Teal Endura Pre-ordered a K390 Endura Fun year so far.
  17. shunsui

    May we ever see a Blurple Manix XL or Lightweight XL

    I'd love a Blurple Manix2 XL. But let's not stop there, how about an extra coarse G10 Blurple Siren ? Wouldn't mind an extra coarse G10 Blurple Amalgam either.
  18. shunsui

    INFI updates

    Love the part about the nitrogen. Hey, you need a good steel, a good heat treat, and a REAL cryo treatment, not some 100 below junk. Do that right and you've got a knife. Jerry does it right.
  19. shunsui

    Hello from Amy

    Amy, you always do such a good job. Sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure he appreciated everything you did.