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  1. Bawanna

    Shikari Vala

    We're seeing quite a few Bhakta's along with some Purna's so they apparently are still pounding out some knives for Auntie.
  2. Bawanna

    Shikari Vala

  3. Bawanna

    Forum Changes

    I can't say I'm thrilled with the changes in the forum format but console myself in that it's not wrong it's just different and perhaps will take some getting used to. I've always kind of been anti change, like things the same but once we're accustomed it might be better and we won't miss the...
  4. Bawanna

    Kukri identification request

    I blew up the bone handle one but the clarity went out the window but I think I see typical HI markings. I have no clue on the other one other than it's cool.
  5. Bawanna

    HI Knives Bawanna made wooden stands and bonus buy

    I was trying to remember where the original came from. I used thicker stuff this go round mostly cause I didn't have any of the thinner stuff. I made one for myself with 4 levels. I put it in my case to hold the knives Bookie made and sent me. Have to take a picture of that. Speaking of...
  6. Bawanna

    Sunday Evening Special Tarwar

    This was a prototype.
  7. Bawanna

    Sunday Evening Special Tarwar

    That stand is actually designed to stand vertically, take up less space on a shelf etc. I didn't even try it horizontally but it seems like it would work well that way too. The concept was to be able to display with or without the sheath. In the sheath it's still a conversation piece and you...
  8. Bawanna

    Sherpa stew special

    For any new folks passing thru, this is the knife you hear us all talk about. Good sturdy work horse at an amazing price. Most of us have several. Great first kukri.
  9. Bawanna

    Chicken dinner special

    Generally the Villager knives do not come with a sheath. Once in awhile Yangdu has a sheath around that fits properly and she includes it, but usually no sheath.
  10. Bawanna

    Sisno and ningrok springtime appearances

    Use it like a salad or how does one prepare it?
  11. Bawanna

    MMB for 3/27

    I could have swore I did skip line pattern on that one but guess my memories off. That started out very very blonde/white. I used some stuff to restore antlers, kind of ages it a bit so it wasn't so bright. I figured in use it would show whatever got on the handle. I was pleased with the...
  12. Bawanna

    Who created this?

    Howard is alive and well, lives up here in my neck of the woods. Very good friends with all you mentioned. Only man I know that actually got to visit the shops in Nepal with Kami Sherpa and Uncle Bill. I'm sure he'll be along shortly to add to this. He doesn't post often but when he does it's...
  13. Bawanna

    Who created this?

    At the very bottom it shows it was copyrighted by Howard Wallace. I'd guess perhaps he created it with contributions from all of those you mentioned above and probably others as well. Just a guess, I got nothing solid to back that up with.
  14. Bawanna

    Butcher Bowie for 3/27

    My first thought holding this knife was Crocodile Dundee, "This is a knife". Beastly. Good wood on the handle too. Doesn't show to well but did full coverage skip line checkering. Another hard one to send back.
  15. Bawanna

    Kumar Pointy Tarwar

    Ain't she sweet!!!!
  16. Bawanna

    Gift from father

    You don't have the 7 or 8?
  17. Bawanna

    Gift from father

    All good stuff. I've had a couple of them little MMB's as posted on my bench for awhile now. Don't underestimate it one bit. I had to hold one back I like it so much. Just a real handy size, with the original MMB length handle. I think everybody is gonna need one of these. A great everyday...
  18. Bawanna

    Happy Birthday Ms Yangdu!!

    Happy Birthday Auntie. Do something fun for yourself.
  19. Bawanna

    Anil Gentleman Dress Knife

  20. Bawanna

    Greetings from father

    Now don't make fun of his speech impediment, somebody somewhere might find it offensive. Actually that would be cool, go ahead and make fun of him.