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    FS: Buck 110 Loscha limited edition

    PayPal sent. Much appreciated
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    FS: Buck 110 Loscha limited edition

    Could you email me at (no caps) [email protected] If you take PayPal I will take the Lochsa
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    Sale ended!

    PM sent.
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    I will take the Pena
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    PM sent
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    BUSSE Park Ranger (SOLD)

    PayPal sent.
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    Essee 5 - $100!

    I will take the Lionsteel. PayPal on its way
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    You guys won't believe this, but I got another Dozier!

    Nice knife. I only have 1 Dozier; I find them to be as good as any knife on the market.
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    Small Fixed Blade

    I have a Dozier K9. Wonderful EDC
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    How often do you clean/disassemble your user?

    I carried an Old Timer 7OT every day from Christmas 1988 until 1999. I used it a lot and carried it, both in the belt sheath and in the pocket, in mud and dust. It is still a good knife with never having been taken apart. So never would be my answer.
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    PM sent
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    Top 5 Knife Companies

    In order by what I own: 1. Case 2. Spyderco 3. Schrade USA 4. Buck 5. Various
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    52100 and Indian Rosewood large hunter!!

    I have 2 of Joe’s knives. They do not disappoint.
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    Many Knives, Priced To Sell

    Received my Essential today. Excellent service and beautiful knife.
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    Woodcraft cleaver

    Very nice!