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  1. deskil

    We Have Photos Again!!!

    My computer was attacked by a virus from Photobucket's website immediately after posting the above pic. Use at your own risk!!!
  2. deskil

    We Have Photos Again!!!

    Yep, seems to work again.
  3. deskil

    Traditional Knife and Gun Picture Thread

    Kind of a beauty and the beast thang going on with that Kimber. I'd have to get some beautiful grips (like maybe pearl) for it.
  4. deskil

    Top 5 EDC Folding Knives! Benchmade, Spyderco, and ZT! (Vote up to 5 times)

    My top five carries, in no particular order: 1. Kershaw Blur - five different models 2. Spyderco Manix 2 - five different models 3. Spyderco Native - four different models 4. Benchmade 710 - two different models 5. Zero Tolerance 0770CF - just one I own a lot more knives and carry most of them...
  5. deskil

    paulhilborn won! Giveaway: Moki 120M Small Blakiston's Fish Owl Lockback

    Unusual GAW and gift ! Please count me in. Thank you for doing this, for us all.
  6. deskil

    Working man's Giveaway ***WINNER ANNOUNCED on Post #42***

    I only have two Opinels, both a bit modified. The No.7 is more of a dress knife, while the No.9 is definitely a work knife. The Opinel performs well in either role and has since 1890. They are surprisingly capable, especially in the larger sizes and they do their work with a certain kind of...
  7. deskil

    The Traditional Knife of 2016

    When I carry a stockman, it's most often a larger one, but this Camillus 883 has replaced my Buck 303 for the times when I choose to carry a small stockman. It's my favorite traditional acquisition of 2016.
  8. deskil

    Show off your custom pocket fixed blades

    Menefee Gallardo Childress
  9. deskil

    I wonder how sharp knives on the prairie were kept?

    When my mother's father retired, he bought 70 acres in Deep East Texas and moved from the coast, where he'd lived and worked in the refineries for 33 years. We visited most weekends and stayed with him and my grandmother through all extended school holidays and summer vacation when we were...
  10. deskil

    least chippy super steel

    Use your new knife like you stole it, before you but another one. You'll likely learn more about what you need in a folder and should also be impressed with M4, in the end.
  11. deskil

    Tidouett, Northfield, what the ?

    I'm surprised there hasn't already been a clamor to make this our next forum knife. :yawn: :barf: ;)
  12. deskil

    Is A Grip. a Grip. Without The Clip ?

    I carry my mini's without clips and my larges with clips. Works for me. And I'd say; A Grip is a Grip - It's always a Grip. Even when it don't have no clip. ;)
  13. deskil

    Buck Selkirk fixed blade

    That's a well-photographed and beautiful design. The only reason I don't have one is the size, so I'm happy to hear of a smaller version in the works. Most of my medium fixed blades, with kydex sheaths, have been carried with a static cord for several years, either in pocket, inverted, or IWB...
  14. deskil

    Question regarding Hinderer Half-Track

    Blade HQ has a custom for sale at $2400, if you're interested.