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  1. sickpuppy1

    How long I must soak these stones?

    I'm with Timmy, I use water with a few drops of Dawn soap stirred in as a lube, and let em soak till the bubbles stop. If bubbles are still coming up then you may have dry areas, and when the bubbles stop, water is no longer being absorbed so why soak further?
  2. sickpuppy1

    First Look to TSProf Kadet

    I haven't tried to deal with TSProf directly, but Konstantin at Gritomatic has always been top notch for me. Bought my Hapstone M2 and various product for it and he's always been very cool to deal with and quick on response.
  3. sickpuppy1

    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Can’t get their website to come up right now, but all their knives are built to those quality standards. I saw a video of him doing similar to a field knife with minimal scaring so a behemoth? Hell yeah. Although I’ll never try it with mine though…..
  4. sickpuppy1

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    OK, that makes sense. Noticed the area around it didn't heat up too much.
  5. sickpuppy1

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    It came out nice. Was that solder or a jewelers torch?
  6. sickpuppy1

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    That took a bit of work!
  7. sickpuppy1

    Gear Thread

    Well excuuuuuse mmeeeee! Lol
  8. sickpuppy1

    Gear Thread

    Looks like a brass one hitter on the right, lol
  9. sickpuppy1

    Edge Pro Matrix resin bond diamond stones

    Thought about it only because my old Lansky set up used oil, but since Diemaker and all I’d read was water on these haven’t tried it.
  10. sickpuppy1

    Random Thought Thread

    ^ I think I just found a signature quote!
  11. sickpuppy1

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    love the knife, and those shoes make me laugh every time....
  12. sickpuppy1

    What kind of folder do you carry?

    I'm wondering how he does such good work with hand writing that's so illegible!!??
  13. sickpuppy1

    Scratches on katana

    Great! Glad to hear it worked out. Sounds like it was time well spent really.
  14. sickpuppy1

    Noctigon KR4 Ti, Maratac Triple Dawn

    ill take the lumintop. PM to follow
  15. sickpuppy1

    DPX hest 2.0 D2 and a Benchmade 555 Mini Grip

    I need the mini grip, pm to follow
  16. sickpuppy1


    Thats just almost too much to pass up...."anyone ride a z-swift? what is it? "and then show me a pic of that young lady, me knowing its someones wife or daughter.......
  17. sickpuppy1

    The "Ask Jo (NinJO) Thread"

    Jo Welcome! :D