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  1. Bigfattyt

    Steelophiles-what's so important about the type of steel?

    It is certainly not just bragging rights. High edge retention steels will cut order of magnitudes longer than basic steels like 1095. There are often strength improvements to be had as well. I still like 1095 and other steels like 5160, 52100, 01 15n20 for how easy it is to sharpen. If I...
  2. Bigfattyt

    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    I used to strop my knives a lot on a leather strop loaded with chromium oxide. I found, after stopping, they cleanly, easily shave in either direction. Slice paper like a champ....but didn't easily bite into soft tomatoes. If I went back and refreshed the edge on a diamond stone or...
  3. Bigfattyt

    Stainless kwaiken

    Another beauty, in a great steel at a great price!!
  4. Bigfattyt

    Alert!!! . . . Amy Is Out Wandering The Cornfields Of Fulton County!!!! . . . .

    Leave it to Boss to institute a ton of work for Amy-0, blissfully unaware of how much chaos he has unleashed.... Better mind your P's and Q's or you might get shanked by Amy-0
  5. Bigfattyt

    Good Someone Worth Thanking, Publicly

    Always nice to see. It is good eggs like this that continue to make Bladeforums a worthwhile place to hang out. I have won knives in giveaways, been gifted knives and have gifted knives to others on here. I always appreciate a good deed like passing a knife on without markup!!
  6. Bigfattyt

    CLOSED, Keffler-18 (K18) Sheath pre-order, group pricing offer

    Crap....that is a lot of quality leather for the price... Sure wish I had gotten in on the K18 to need one!!
  7. Bigfattyt

    Case loom fixer with bail

    A 1970 Case with good snap and non broken blades for $5??? Tell you what...I'll give you $10, and even cover shipping. Sounds like you got a steal of a deal.
  8. Bigfattyt

    Help figuring out trade value on my War Trade Fusion and custom shop Urgent Fury

    This is about what I sold my unused WTFCG with a hand stitched leather sheath for... might have been a touch less. 400?
  9. Bigfattyt

    Inexpensive with good quality like Victorinox, Mora and Opinel?

    I have about 10 Opinel. Carbon and a few stainless less. The carbon is easy to sharpen. Holds an edge about whst you would expect for a simple carbon steel at middling hardness. I would prefer harder steel, but I still carry and use the carbon versions. I have several in their stainless, which...
  10. Bigfattyt

    You're saying that wrong...

    I don't notice much when other people say it, bur I say garter....
  11. Bigfattyt

    Rifle Sling

    Lovely work. I am a hobbiest when it comes to sheaths/holsters etc, and knife making. Leatherwork is every bit an art as knife making is.
  12. Bigfattyt

    4" kwaiken in CPM-Magnacut and Koa

    Lovely, and in a sweet new steel!!
  13. Bigfattyt

    2021 BF Forum knife vs. Facebook & Flippers

    Nice to see if has re-acquired some patina on the paper micarta!! I regret selling that one. I did it when I was buying a house right during Christmas (without consulting the wife). I was worried about presents for the boys, hidden/unexpected closing costs (unnecessarily as it turned out)...
  14. Bigfattyt

    FortyTwoBlades has been hacked, SCAM

    So you are not really going to sell me most best top steel knifes at $5 for truer D2 harder steel for to make hunt or fish big I am dissapoint...
  15. Bigfattyt

    Collector Knives .net - legit place?

    I've ordered at least 8 or 9 knives. All great. He is a great dealer.
  16. Bigfattyt

    damascus ladder, criollo!

    Stunning. Love everything about this, including the sheath.
  17. Bigfattyt

    Jack Wolf Knives - The Wolf Den

    Welcome. I'm always pleased to see quite makers in the market. Hopefully you have success.
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