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  1. xxwjtxx

    F/S: New Turley Last Ditch Witches (LDWs) #22 / #23

    Hey all, Up for sale are two Turley Last Ditch Witches (LDWs); both were out of Iz's last batch of Last Ditch Witches during the summer time, and are sequentially numbered; #22, #23. I am the original owner of both knives; they are new, unused, and will ship to the lower 48 with all paperwork...
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    Tons of new models coming.

    Andy, that is awesome to hear — I’ve been hankering for one of these for a very long time
  5. xxwjtxx

    Tons of new models coming.

    Andy, Awesome news! Any chance we will ever see FFG+tapered camp knives again? I recall these being made for a while, then abruptly disappearing in 2013 (I saw a single “blueback” variant at blade 2013). I know it’s not a new model, but I sure bet more than a few folks interested would be...
  6. xxwjtxx

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    WTB/ISO/WTT 5/32TT FFG camp knife. I’ve been asking the ‘forge to make more of these for about 6-7 years, since a run was last seven in 2012-2013 timeframe. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has one sitting in a safe (or a user) hit me up!
  7. xxwjtxx

    2018 Krein Microchef *SOLD*

    Resurrecting — is this still available??
  8. xxwjtxx

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    WTB - production pukko; user or new is A-OK! If you have one and are interested in selling, hit me up!
  9. xxwjtxx

    RMJ & Winkler TAD hawks

    Resurrection — is this still available?
  10. xxwjtxx

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Hey all, I’m trying to track down a commando scandi 3-4” profile (HB, handyman, KEB, Terrasaur, BF, BH, etc.). If anyone wants to part with theirs, I will definitely work with you on the price! Thanks
  11. xxwjtxx

    Leuku or Woodsman? Or Duke?

    Resurfacing after not being around for a (very long) while... Just my .02 on the topic, seeing that I have owned / used all three of these models over the years in the back country of the NE. 1. As most have alluded, the overall "utility player" of the lot is the Duke, with the Leuku coming in...
  12. xxwjtxx

    2018 Gaucho Group Buy Chat

    +1 on high grind & fat grip!!
  13. xxwjtxx

    Attention 2018 Gaucho Group Buy Thread**CLOSED***

    Count me in for one! AEB-L / commando black g10 Thanks :thumbsup:
  14. xxwjtxx

    Leather Sharing some Machete sheaths I just finished!

    Quick pics; the sheath gets pitch blend 1-2 times per year, and the machete gets cleaned with a magic eraser & stropped after use... that’s about it, both are still in near perfect shape, despite 5+ years of use and ownership!
  15. xxwjtxx

    Fiddleback Flea Market Feedback (Good and Bad Trades and Sales)

    Thanks my friend; it was a pleasure doing business with you — thanks for checking out my flea market & exchange threads!
  16. xxwjtxx

    Leather Sharing some Machete sheaths I just finished!

    These machete sheathes are top notch!!! Heber made me one 4+ years ago, and it is still going strong, despite countless adventures in the back country. Awesome craftsman & awesome sheathes :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  17. xxwjtxx

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Quick bump for this amazing matched pair at a phenomenal price (also available individually!). Please feel free to check out my other listings in the exchange as well!
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