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    Tactical fixed.

    can see both! thank you Makandr for the video, kurio in the kitchen what a singer, i knew it but could not find it anymore.
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    ID two hatchet heads

    PRESBREY might be former owner's name... and it's not a hudson bay pattern because of the lugs.
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    What did you rehang today?

    new tools, new shop with heart warming welcoming words on the ceiling, allready feels home!;)
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    New member, old hatchet

    800 grams , looks like german made
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    Need advice on cracked heads

    can't see the pics! :(
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    Very rusty head needs ID

    need a dog
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    Very rusty head needs ID

    hung upside down
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    Spanish flea market finds & other stuff that might be of interest!

    it's more like a wooden christmas tree!
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    Assistance on axe tomahawk

    axe tomahawk? is it an axe or a tomahawk? it is forbidden to ask for value here! and a picture would help...
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    Lets use those axes for what they were ment for.

    are the hafts homemade or from trade?
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    What cut-resistant gloves do you guys use?

    you could add some more complains to avoid washing up, dishes, and so! i put a leather gard on my sharpening files, use also average leather gloves, and last but not least 2 light brown eyes!
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    Poke me in the eye

    40$ for a haft? ????
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    New VS Vintage Estwing A24

    buy a new one, use it, get patina on it, then it'll be vintage after a good bit of use!
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    Spent the afternoon cutting Oak

    a trick to have more firewood! well done!:D
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    Spent the afternoon cutting Oak

    dog is so bored!
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    ochsenkopf axe / ox head help

    maybe it's part of the forging process to obtain that upswept
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    A Successful Day

    what prooves us on that picture, that the head of the tree is not in the neighbour 's yard? :rolleyes: if i may? always doubt what you see on internet benjamin franklin said!
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    Help identifying broad axe

    cast steel? the edge seems to be forge welded!
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