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    Anybody ever seen a Samoan "War Club"

    My dad brought this home from Samoa when he was there about 1940 with the Marines. Just wondering if anyone had seen anything like this before? I would never actually use it, just like the look of it especially the hook. His old Imperial is included for size comparison. He always called it a...
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    Why am I the only one I know who carries a knife?

    I hope this won't sound like a hijack, but I asked my scouts one time (getting ready for a survival camp) "show me everything you have in your pockets right now" This was at church and I didn't get much. I then told them they could take everything they had in the pile, plus 1 thing additional...
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    Your out door 'I am screwed' wilderness stories

    I was about 13 and out hunting rabbits in central Utah (Leamington) with my brothers. This was about 40 years ago, and I have learned a lot since then. We were hunting all together and I got tired. I told my brother (16) I would walk back to the truck (about 2 miles). He said "do you know...
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    I speak upon all americans today

    Count me in, as an OIF and OEF Vet, I agree nobody wants peace more than the soldier/marine/seaman/airman on the ground. Joe
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    What are short light macetes for?

    My boys and I just cut down a Chinese Elm in my front yard and my 12" tram was the best at triming the little branches, light and easy to use up close. Also my son loves it because in his words "I don't have to aim like with the Hatchet". Joe
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    New Viking Sword - "Heimdall"

    Fantastic work, I was just at your website as well. Do you ever do any double bit War-axe/ hatchet projects? I could never afford one, but would love to see one of your designs. Thanks, Joe
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    Top 3 Outdoor Books.....

    OK Here's my 3 US Air Force Survival training manual (The big one) Hatchet, Gary Paulsen (Kids) - (Other titles by author not so great) Farnhams Freehold, Robert Heinlein - (Survival novel) Give me a few hours and I will probably change this list. Joe
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    Question - Draw knife use

    Personally I use one for peeling lodgepole pines for tipi poles for Native American / Mtn Man Rendevous, Scouts, etc. I also use it for pine pole furniture for cabin's. I love them. I could probably use a hand held belt sander, but like the look they leave. Joe
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    Gathering Contest...The $20 Survival Kit

    Fellow Knuts, I want to clarify my previous quote. I was commenting from the point of view of a group of people in a tough situation where there is light at the end of a short tunnel. For examlpe a plane or boat wreck in a remote area. Or a group of very close comrads in arms that have to...
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    Handle materials

    Thanks for the info. Joe
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    Purpleheart scales

    I'm new to making my own and mostly have just done a few repairs and sharpening, other than a lot Hawk work for a Mtn Man club. I am in Afghanistan and found a piece of Purple heart wood that I was told was local. I had always heard it was a Central/South American wood. Does some grow over...
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    childhood "survival" knife

    My first experience with a blade was camping when I wanted to cut down a tree but was told I was to little. The only thing they would let me play with was an old WWII issue GI mini shovel. It took an hour or two, but when I brought the tree back for fire wood they finally gave me a 2 blade...
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    Gathering Contest...The $20 Survival Kit

    I have been watching this thread with great anticipation. I think the best thing about it is using what you can can find, don't worry about the absolute best or greatest. Survival is all about attitude, recognizing your assets and using them to the betterment of the group as a whole. I really...
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    Handle materials

    I'm new to making and have only replaced a few handles and forged a few Hawk heads in my day, but I was wondering about scales. I have a piece or 2 X 12 Purple heart and a large Plum Burl that I was interested in using. Does anyone have any Idea's on how they would hold up, and how hard they...
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    Gathering Contest...The $20 Survival Kit

    You guys have got to keep me up on this! I am 2000+ miles away and have to know what you come up with. I have one I carry every day here in the big sand box. I use a small plastic military chem warfare decon kit holder for mine, doubles as a cup and is completely waterproof. Please let me...
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    Dollar Store Survival

    I am a Boy Scout leader and we took our 14-15 year olds out on a survival camp a few years back. All they could bring was what they had in their pockets at church when we announced the camp, along with 1 other item each that could not be separated into separate parts, i.e. a fishing pole is...
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    first step of my first knife

    Who is your class through? Community education or a local college, private? I am looking for one in the Utah area. P.S. can't see your photo's but good luck.
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    Newby looking at saw blade

    Newby here, I have a huge pneumatic hacksaw blade 3" X 16" with good teeth still on it. I am considering making a big "rambo" style knife from it. I have read that buying the right steel is cheaper in the long run, but has anybody had any experience with these? Is it worth trying? I'm still...
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