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    Thoughts on reclaiming a KA-BAR(?)

    Not sure why anyone thinks that 6 1/2 inch blade is from a genuine WW2 1219C2 knife.
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    Western L39 Pat’d

    Patent 1,967,479 Applied for and Filed Dec.15 1931 Pat.# assigned July 24, 1934 You can do a search on line for the Patent number and down load a copy of the patent complete with drawings. I agree that there are unfortunately many holes regarding documentation and even just catalog information...
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    KA-BAR D2 Extreme Chronicles

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    KA-BAR D2 Extreme Chronicles

    looks less like a weave pattern than just a wrap.
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    SOG Seal Pup Uncoated Seki Japan

    I don't think there can be much in the way of help without pictures of your knife. A few questions can be answered though. Yes when the Seal Pups first came out they were made in Japan and marked Seki, so nothing sending up red flags based on your description. Sog's are counterfeited a lot and...
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    Black Leather KaBar?

    Ontario started making these knives around 1980. From 1980 to about 1989 Camillus and Ontario were the two major providers of these knives to the U.S. Government. There are some other manufactures that did have small contracts of very small quantities during that time span. What Zzz, said...
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    Stag handled Seki S2

    I noticed that the TV-3 has been added to the sold out list.
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    AirSog S16 folding knife

    I got my AirSog years ago. Sog's headquarters is just a couple of miles North of me. The AirSog was my EDC knife for years at work. This thread reminded me that along with other knives that went from EDC to safe queens I needed to dig the old knife out and see how it's doing. Saw some of the...
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    Stag handled Seki S2

    If you do a search for "Hattori fine Japanese knife direct from Japan" it should take you to the link for Hattori knives. Scroll down just above the bottom of the page the TV knives are there.
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    Stag handled Seki S2

    Right now on his site it shows some TV-2's, TV-3's available. Still for the same price as in the earlier posts.
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    KA-BAR USMC antique?

    The knife is WW2 vintage. These knives didn't exist prior to WW2. When the war ended the next contract for these knives wasn't written until late 1960's, and Kabar hasn't had any Government contracts for these knives since WW2. There were a lot of knives in Government warehouses that took...
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    Carbon Steel, Stacked Leather Hunters

    There is an old thread here where Camco,(Tom Williams), said that there were several times over the years where Camillus made folders for Western and Western made fixed blades for Camillus. 1095 type steel was the most common material used for WW2 fixed blade knives.
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    I put my BK62 Kephart to a bit of work this weekend

    One of the advantages of making your own leather accruements is control over the manufacturing process. I also like creating a shallow trough along the seem line to keep the stitching a little more protected. Also when I'm punching the holes for rivets I can assure mine are clear of the...
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    Knife History? Western Boulder Colorado, Pat. Appl'd For

    The Pat no. 1967479 refers to the patent number for Westerns bifurcated tang (two piece). It's possible that the Pat. applied for in the OP is for the same patent. Harlow Platts applied for the patent on Dec 15 1931 and the patent was awarded July 24 1934. Yea I arrived very late to this party.
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    1217 questions

    Actually the knife pre-dated the stock number. The stock number system started up after WW2, and remains an evolving process.
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    Question about old SOG Trident vs. 2.0 Trident

    Just as an FYI, Hattori did a recent run, now sold out, of their TV-1, (S1 SK-5) and the TV-3, (S2 with Aus8) . For reference the sale price was $565 for each.
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    One more old Kabar, 5" blade

    Commando's like the one posted were made with 6 inch blades. there are very similar knives with 5 inch blades that were made for the Navy and Air Force between 1953 to 1957. They are commonly called "pilots knives". The company names stamped on the pilots knives were Camillus, Imperial, and...
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    499 Pilots Survival Knife

    Military knives that are intended to have a sharpened swedge and are contracted that way don't comply with knife laws for many States. Most manufactures omit selling models to the public with a sharpened swedge for this reason.
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    Camillus Army Post Exchange Resale Knife from WWII

    I think we might be getting confused with different knives here. The knife I was referring to in the part you quoted from me was a 4-bladed knife with metal scales that Camillus didn't get a chance to actually produce. That knife doesn't appear in the Camillus 46 Catalog, while the two bladed...
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    Camillus Army Post Exchange Resale Knife from WWII

    Great addition to your collection. Hope to come across one to take home someday.
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