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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Hello Zarda - Conversation started - interested in this one. Thanks.
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    Thank you Andy Roy, for sharing. You should gift her a knife to commemorate the occasion......
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    Three from Fiddleback Forge

    Thanks Grogimus, for working with me on this exchange - easy so far. Look forward to getting this Fiddleback KE Bushie in a few days.
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    Guhul - buy from with confidence

    Guhul was communicative and easy to deal with. He replied promptly to my inquiry, shipped the knife the next day after purchase and packaged the blade very carefully and safe for shipping needs. The knife received was as described and is all good on my end. Would buy from again with confidence...
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Hello Guhul - PM/Conversation sent for Pocket Kephart.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Howdy - if any one is looking to get rid of a FF Hunter, ideally with synthetic handle material, please PM/start a conversation with me or respond to this post. Thanks for considering.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Have a couple of questions, but interested in this knife. Started a PM/conversation.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    PM sent.
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    WTS Siegle knives

    Just sent a PM - I will take the orange g10 Bill Siegle blade for $175.00.
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    Repost- AA Forge Grunt for sale.

    Would like to pick this one up - will PM my contact info.
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    The BK4 Fatwood Harvest!

    Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know what species of pine it was that left that stump behind? A very rich piece of back country treasure. Thanks again for posting this thread.
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    Tendick, Busse, Scrap Yard, Skrama

    I'll take the Boom Parang. PM you shortly with my contact info.
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    SOLD!!! AA Forge

    Kirkwood - interested in the AA Forge blade. Will shoot you and email right now.
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    Sargent Set M3BS and Bill Siegel chopper

    Hello Mikeynyc - email sent about Bill Seigel - 1/4 thick 5160 , Jude's w/ tecklok, does not appear to have been used . -350 shipped and paypal.
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    AA forge

    I'll take it off your hands. Since I have not paid for basic membership, can't use PM. Will try to send an BF email instead, with my email info. May not go through as this seems to happen, but will see what happens. Paypal Goods and Service Payment?
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    AA forge

    mission664 - Looks like I can't send you a looks nice, but have some questions: Is the steel stock 5/32" or 3/16"? Is the steel 52100 or O1 or something else? Adam Gray puts a dot under his makers mark these days, if it's 52100. I could not tell for certain from the pics...
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    AA forge

    PM sent.
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    "Jamall" Kornalski OCD 150

    Thank Thomas Linton. I have been wondering about his blades. Most of his designs appeal to my eye and his detailed description and quality photos increase my curiosity. But, the oversea shipment gives me pause, and have thus far not pulled the trigger on one of his blades. But, recently...
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    It was a Fiddleback that did it.

    Thank you for reading David. May be she needs a nice kitchen knife to start off the fascination...?.
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