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  1. thatmguy

    Highest number of one model you have?

    Glad to be back. Thanks brother. Been a long 5+ months....
  2. thatmguy

    Highest number of one model you have?

    Close to a dozen remaining original Mean Streets, including the 6 tan Leans.
  3. thatmguy

    Yep, it was me

    Sometimes ya get what ya need...
  4. thatmguy

    Yep, it was me

    As part of the eval, they made a 3D model of my aorta and tested it for fit and seal. So very cool.
  5. thatmguy

    Yep, it was me

    Yep. The bestest IMHO.
  6. thatmguy

    Yep, it was me

    While being treated for congestive hert failure, they found that I had a lot of calcifation of my aortic valve, so much tht it did not close properly and allowed backflow while pumping. Long story short, they had to decide method of replacement, either open heart or via a cathertization method...
  7. thatmguy

    Someone gives you money, what busse(s) do you buy?

    Only two out there for me. First was one Jimmy J bought in one of te Ganza's a while back. Green Hormet I think it was dubbed. The onther is a variant on the Force 1 that Juicy Ducci had before he sold it. Don't know who he sold it to, as I messed up and lost track of it. Instead of the...
  8. thatmguy

    I just realized something...How come there are no Busse infi wedding rings?

    There is at least one out there... Have seen it... Know the owner...
  9. thatmguy

    Busse Park Ranger DC Infi

    Interested in a trade?? PM me with response.
  10. thatmguy

    Leaving a Legacy...Rest in Peace Grandpa

    So sorry for your loss. One can see he helped form you into the person you are today.
  11. thatmguy

    Veterans - Thank you

    Thanks to those who served in the past, for they enabled what we have today. Thanks to those serving today, for they help preserve and defend what we have from those who would destroy and dismantle it. Thanks to those who will serve in the future, for they will protect and defend that which...
  12. thatmguy

    How did you discover Busse?

    Had read a few articles in American Survival Guide. The one that piqued my interest was the one by Chris Jankowsky. Tested a boatload of fixed and folders. The litany of tests he put them through far exceeded my anticipated usage parameters. The Winner, fixed blade, was the SHSHII. The...
  13. thatmguy

    What light is in your EDC?

    P1D with a tritrium fob on it. Easy to find. Had forever. Coule PD35's, one TAC, when sittin on the deck after sundown... Loved my AA Arc til it died... :(
  14. thatmguy

    FS Pork Shank - DC w black & tan G10

    Up is a Pork Shank, double cut, with the black/tan G10 scales. Never used, been sleeping in the tactical cardboard it came in. This is one of the best feeling blades to come out of Wauseon IMHO. $360 shipped/insured. No trades. Must be over 18, and it must be legal for you to own. USPS MO...
  15. thatmguy

    Good W.T. Anderson - smooth deal

    Just completed a deal with W.T. Anderson. Went smooth as silk. Highly recommend this individual!! Thank you sir!!
  16. thatmguy

    FS Eotceh 552.A65 and XPS2-0, plus LaRue LT110 mount - Open to best reasonable offers.

    Columbus. Hilliard/Dublin area Larue shown for suggested mounting option.
  17. thatmguy

    FS Eotceh 552.A65 and XPS2-0, plus LaRue LT110 mount - Open to best reasonable offers.

    Vision changes so did optics. These both work fine, no issues ever. Yes, older, but like I said, no problems. Think Eotech is still swapping or whatever, but do you plan to use at -4F or 122F??? Eotech 552.a65 – original factory finish - $325 Eotech XPS2.0 – Great camo job on it - $350 325...
  18. thatmguy

    FS FT Glock 22 mags - Price drop

    Some I bought NIBag, some were used when I got them. They are earlier ones, but function perfectly. I sold both of my G23's, and now have these mags leftover. I only have the 357Sig ones (two total) because dimensionally they are same as the G22 mags. For the G22s, I have 10 out-of-bags, and...
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