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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    Alright, thank you!
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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    Hey Henkh, do you have any information on the 612? Will it ever be available at normal retailers(Mesenzo)? That' s the one I' m most interested in currently.
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    Thoughts on WE Knife?

    Thanks for the pictures, Mo2! Those look really nice. If the quality is anything like their current models, then 118$/€ is a steal!
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    Thoughts on WE Knife?

    Any link for those budget knives? This is the first time for me hearing of that and I can' t find anything about it on their Instagram, though I' m not registered there. I also thought all of the models until the newest 615 ship with the tool to adjust them?
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    Thoughts on WE Knife?

    Hey Darth, We have a thread about the company already, probably you can find more info there with 7 pages of pictures and video reviews: I also recently posted a review on the 604, maybe you...
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    Your knife and Vehicle

    I feel a little out of place with all the Trucks and Jeeps:D
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    2017 Spyderco Product Guide is now LIVE!

    D'Allara 3 all the way, I like that Wharncliffe Delica too.
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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    Oh boy, that 612 is calling my name! I really hope it will be regularly availabe. The 613 is cool as well, kind of like an even more badass version of the 601. Henkh, how does the pocket clip function on the 613? It looks like it drops right into the hole in the handle. Could be hard to...
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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    So sexy... Excuse all the pocket lint.
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    one of coolest knifes i had ever saw

    "Surgical Steel" huh?
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    Spyderco Para 3 confirmed for December

    Hmm. The Para2 is a pretty much perfected design already. This one just seems very similar, some minor tweaks here and there but no new features to really warrant a new version.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Very nice!
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    My new We Knife, a 601! Got it used on Ebay. It does have a few scratches here and there but nothing too bad. Loving it so far, flipping action is superb! Here it is with my 604
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    Edc weight really that big of an issue?

    Yup, agreed on both. Also I don' t own a car so I walk alot every day, 10km is normal for me.
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    Too bad I don' t have enough hair:eek:
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    Lionsteel TiSpine - grey matte

    Thanks for the excellent review! The Ti-Spine is such a fine knife! I have the polished gold version.
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