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  1. Warrior108

    Well...It's Friday...

    Happy Friday ... TGIF! TGIFF!
  2. Warrior108

    Well...It's Friday...

    OMG it feels like Thursday and I'm looking for a preview. 🙂
  3. Warrior108

    Spydercos for sale New and Used

    I'll take #2 Manix LW
  4. Warrior108

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Hi All! Prices include USPS shipping w/ tracking and assume PayPal Goods and Services, US shipping only. Shipping discounts for multiple purchases. Reply to thread with an "I'll take .. " and then send a BF Conversation or email to Warrior108 at Thanks for looking! Jarrett Fleming...
  5. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 4/2/21 (Early Preview)

    I'm going to be away tonight camping and knew I shouldn't have even looked. Wow!
  6. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 3/26/21 (Early Preview)

    Great batch! Kind of partial to the Osage and camel bone though. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. Warrior108

    Fiddleback Forge Changes April 2021

    +1 To what everyone else said!! Andy, You got to take care of you first, so you can take care of your family. Phil, By all means, let me/us know if you need any references on your customer service because that's where your heart has always been. You, Andy, and everyone else behind...
  8. Warrior108

    SOLD - Microtech Exocet BH Bounty Hunter - Brand New

    I'll take this for $290. PM inbound in a few. Thanks
  9. Warrior108

    Pairing GB chat....

    No problem, take care. I hope the hot flashes subside for you. ;)
  10. Warrior108

    Well...It's Friday...

    Good morning everyone! TGIFF!!
  11. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 312/21 (Early Preview)

    Wowwwwww The Masur Birch on the OS Lady The JB Trio That whole WA Surls And Amy's Lines
  12. Warrior108

    Pairing GB chat....

    S45VN :)
  13. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 3/5/21 (Early Preview)

    Holy crap LOTS of nice ones this week! I'm not seeing it but, what makes the Patch a one-off? Guardless?
  14. Warrior108

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Will you take $100 and a ham sammich? (I make a mean sammich)
  15. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 2/26/21 (Early Preview)

    Great batch, as always! The stripes from the top spine view of that JB is mesmerizing ;)
  16. Warrior108

    Best Fiddleback for EDC?

    Wow, all of those are super nice! What's the 2nd from the top?
  17. Warrior108

    Best Fiddleback for EDC?

    They weren't asking about our most famous lookalike ;)
  18. Warrior108

    Best Fiddleback for EDC?

    I've found that I prefer a little belly and a spear point ... where "edc" could be cutting a box and food on a plate. For my uses, the Bushnub and the Handyman are really versatile and would probably get my all around votes. In this post, the Hiking Buddy (mentioned several times above) is on...
  19. Warrior108

    Fiddlebacks at Dealers

    Whoever snagged this one super quick .. NICE SNAG!
  20. Warrior108

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 2/19/21 (Early Preview)

    TON of cool knives but I really like that Zebra Monarch and Drop Point Maverick ... and Paloma and Scoter :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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