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    swissbianco - victorinox 100% copper swiss army knife

    Will there be a way to purchase for those (of us) who cannot attend the Blade Show? Very very nicely done.
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    How did you quit smoking?

    I PM'd Jamesh, but now that there are two, here is the real deal. I started when I was 12 and smoked for the next 44 years, so I know what I'm talking about. First of all, go to your Dr. and have him give you an RX for Wellbutrin. It is an anti-depressant with smoking cessation properties...
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    Bad THE BAD Will Moon

    That was my experience, also. Will is a young guy who has not yet learned that his customers are generally sophisticated adults, with disposable income, and are typically able to spot childish behavior and untruthfulness. I can understand "I'm swamped and I won't have your order when I...
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    NFL Playoffs.....Who do you like?

    Love to see the Seahawk defense and the Denver offense go at it. I think it's the best matchup out there.
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    Cable Damascus Mini Necker and Heart Pendant

    I will take the Mini Necker; e-mail sent. Mike
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    lever gun

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the best of all Savage 99. I don't have one either; Win 44 mag lever to companion my Flattop .44 OM Ruger Single Action.
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    Custom SAK modder - HAIII Alox and Ti conversions - Pic Heavy examples

    Would you consider doing a 58mm? I would like a special keyring toy for edc. Nice work, man.
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    BUCK 184 Buckmaster: What's in the handle

    I purchased two early ones back when they were available and both came with matching spikes (black or stainless). Both came with the plastic sheath and had one pouch each. Extra pouches were available, but were optional (I purchased the second pouch from the dealer in both cases.). The pouch...
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    Have beer and popcorn. I'm gonna throw in a movie... What is your favorite ?

    Made at an estimated cost of 1.2 million, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick with an appearance by Meatloaf (who hits it out of the park) - Rocky Horror Picture Show is a must see. Stop whining and watch it once. Longest running stage production........uh...ever.
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    You Name It - You Get It **Winner Selected**

    very nice edc. Stubby Warnie
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    tomato ketchup sqeezee

    What? Are you sure that you don't need a spoon and a napkin dispenser?
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    thinking of painting or coating my long range set up

    Rustoleum has some pretty good colors in their Camo line. Just make sure that the surface is clean (I use brake cleaner) and dry. Use several light coats rather than one heavy. I finish with a good flat or satin clear. Is it as tough as DuraCoat? No, but touch up is easy, if you feel the...
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    Rerun Fighter ((SOLD))

    I thought it was gorgeous when I first saw it three weeks ago. I can't believe that it is MINE. Funds inbound.
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    Wow Pokey and Lexi.....that was fast!!!

    I also got the "Regret" e-mail. I think that it is extremely classy of them to take the time to let us know, either way. I know that I was late, but the anticipation of waiting to find out was still fun. It does seem that there could be some sort of "consolation prize" for those that didn't...
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    Janitor's Closet Special Offer Coming Soon!!!!!!!! . . . . ThINFI . . . What????

    You must be on the "naughty" list.............
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    A good day and a broken firesteel!

    Have you ever investigated fire pistons? I still use steel, but I have to admit to being intrigued a bit.
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    Today's Schrade eBay LOL!

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    Eight hundred an Seven - Acid Etched with Natural Micarta

    Congratulations! Absolutely stunning in both design & execution.......
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    Homemade Survival Candle !

    Yup...made my first in boy scouts some 50 years ago. I must add, mine were much more attractive.
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    Deviant Friction folders

    Wonderfully intriguing design & execution-very clean. No lock of any kind; pivot tightness controls friction? Clip? A spine shot would clear up a lot of questions, I'm thinking.