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  1. snowwolf

    Leather handle Banana :-)

    Yes it's a Bananian curve :p
  2. snowwolf

    9,7" of blade Competition Chopper Rigor 6,3 mm

    I own a couple of Adam's beasts. The are plain awesome. I think he's the God of big blades :)
  3. snowwolf

    Edgeknifeworks Small batch of Edc knives

    Hey Joshua, Nice bunch! what alloy did you use for them (are they all the same?) and what is the approximate RC? Thanks
  4. snowwolf

    A "Motley Crue" of knives

    Hi there, sweet knives!!! Does Knife # 2 has a flex (similar to filet knives) or more on the stiff side? Thanks.
  5. snowwolf

    Nomad 95x18 SOLD

    Returning customer here as well. Fine craftsmanship, always exceeding expectations for the price.
  6. snowwolf

    Nomad 95x18 SOLD

    Love it! :thumbsup::thumbsup: For those like me who didn't know the Steel-95x18 "95X18(GOST) - Russian version of the AISI 440C steel. Unlike western counterparts, contains 0.20% Titanium."
  7. snowwolf

    4 knives - ODC125 with K720. 5" blade's allrounders.

    Cool sheaths improved with a seat-belt type loop. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  8. snowwolf

    Sold -Leuku in CPM 4V & spalted beech

    Waow!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Man I love that Leuku. It also reminds me of the long Himalayan Imports Kardas of similar design. Not as fancy as this one though.
  9. snowwolf

    Stainless bowie

    I have a 6inch blade version of this design from Phillip. It's a fantastic Bowie. Buy with confidence :D:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. snowwolf

    goblin skinner

    I really like the Goblin Skinner. Your mark on this one is deep and well defined, I love when you do it like that. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. snowwolf

    Cleaver [SOLD]

    40oz, sweet baby Jesus! That beast could probably slice a chicken in half just looking at it. :eek::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  12. snowwolf

    W2 EDC Clip Point

    Waow! I have a significant bigger version of this knife made by David Crawford. The lines are so close, they could have being brothers. I'm glad you sold it because I don't know how I could have resisted to this one. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  13. snowwolf

    Limerick neck knives

    No worries, PM sent :thumbsup::thumbsup::D
  14. snowwolf

    Limerick neck knives

    Can you confirm the length of the blade? From OAL it looks to be about 2 inch.
  15. snowwolf

    Limerick neck knives

    They look really nice. I see the quarter... Can you tell what's the length of the blade?
  16. snowwolf

    5160 survival knife with fero rod, dc4 sharpening stone and nylon sheath

    Looks like they will sell like hot cakes...
  17. snowwolf

    5160 survival knife with fero rod, dc4 sharpening stone and nylon sheath

    Nice snatch! An awesome package at an incredible price.
  18. snowwolf

    -kree- m390 SOLD

    Oh I love this design. I want one exactly like this in the kitchen. Do you feel like making another one?
  19. snowwolf

    SLIVER II- 4" blade kwaiken

    Nice one, I went on your FB page... That last bowie of the year looks amazing :)
  20. snowwolf


    Me like the Nesmukish? :thumbsup::thumbsup: