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  1. Bastid

    RIP Tony Bose

    This is hard. My deepest condolences to his family and our community too.
  2. Bastid

    Attention BF2020 Knife Count

    In for one please. Thank you for keeping this tradition going.
  3. Bastid

    English Jack Extravaganza

    Ken Erickson put a lock, extended the spring on the pen blade and used some great stag on this English Jack.
  4. Bastid

    We lost one of our own today......

    Coop said it. When a person can leave this world a better place at the level Ed did, they lived life with a great and rare success. Rest well Ed.
  5. Bastid

    2018 John White MS Memorial BEST BOWIE - VOTE for the overall WINNER

    Tough decision on these. Each one is exceptional.
  6. Bastid

    Important Info! Bladeforums Knife for 2017 - 6/26 Update!

    I really do not have words to properly thank Charlie, Bill and Barry.
  7. Bastid

    CPM-154 HT help for a friend in South Africa

    Not sure. He just wants to talk with someone who has the experience with heat treating CPM154
  8. Bastid

    CPM-154 HT help for a friend in South Africa

    Need help from a person who has experience with heat treating CPM154 . I will put them in touch with Neill Schutte in S.A. who has some questions. My email gus.kalanzis at Thank you in advance. Neill is a good guy doing some great work.
  9. Bastid

    Closed Thread

    Yes it is the right place. Mainly because you have chosen to support this place with gold membership that gives you the right to sell here in the Exchange forums. We have had way too many folks in the past who come in as regular members to fish for a sale on the back of the forum owner and...
  10. Bastid

    What's the scoop on Bobby Toole?

    Bobby has been making for quite a while now. (at least a decade or more.) Very clean work at very reasonable prices. Always enjoy touching base with him and his wife at Blade.
  11. Bastid

    Some Recent Work

    Fantastic workmanship on quite a few levels. What a treat to see this craftmanship. Gotta be more special to own and use.
  12. Bastid

    Eric's Knife by Canal Street?

    Eric is a great guy who participates here and went way beyond the call of duty on the 2014 forum knife. Moving this to the Trad. forum. That Jack is stunning had not seen one before this. Thank you JC.
  13. Bastid

    Saying "I'll take it" and not paying

    :thumbup: Yes; that is the way it should be and that is what people need to adhere to in the knife community.
  14. Bastid

    What's your grail knife?

    Watched Vince Evans deliver his Basket Hilts at the Blade Show starting in the early 2000's. Just incredible work. Finally about a decade later I had saved enough to order one from him. Then in a few years my grail arrived. So much work goes into these. Vince does the forging, inlays and...
  15. Bastid

    Should I join AARP

    at 61 that sums it up for me.
  16. Bastid

    Medford Praetorian opinions.

    Guess it is time to test some mastersmith daggers and swords. Or maybe I will just stay "retarded". On the other hand it is ok to be narrow minded as long as you keep it civil and get your thoughts across here with a smiggin' of common sense.
  17. Bastid

    burlap shadow

    Sweet kniFe by Bret and sweet catch by Tim :)
  18. Bastid

    Ongoing Details for the 2016 Bladeforums knife.

    Just thrilled about our new knife. Huge thanks to all who made this happen for us.
  19. Bastid


    Awesome job guys. Thanks! Gus