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  1. Buffalohump

    Four Wilson-Roger #47D mags plus a ten rounder

    These are SPF to Captain Dock...
  2. Buffalohump

    Four Wilson-Roger #47D mags plus a ten rounder

    Hey all, I have four Wilson-Rogers #47D 8 round mags here in the stainless steel plus a ten rounder! These are 8 rnd .45ACP mags in case ya dont know... designed to work in all 1911s and the best mags in the biz bar none! They are in excellent condition, no issues. The ten rounder still has...
  3. Buffalohump

    Bose Bluetooth speaker with case

    Howdy, is this the Soundlink Color II?
  4. Buffalohump

    Arkansas Toothpicks or Daggers?

    I have this one from Gravelle Knives who trade here on the Exchange from time to time. Its not super expensive but not production prices either. Custom knives cost more, and so they should as each one is made by hand, one at at time. Steel is CPM-3V and scales are green canvas micarta. Its...
  5. Buffalohump

    Forged In Fire

    Awesome! Enjoying the series very much....
  6. Buffalohump

    Stu Smith dogbone fighter

    Thanks for the comments guys. Lapedog that sheath is usually referred to as a 'sash style'. The stud or frog acts as stopper to prevent it from sliding through the belt. So basically its inserted behind the belt, IWB. In the good old bad old days, they just wore the knife openly outside their...
  7. Buffalohump

    Stu Smith dogbone fighter

    Wow, things look different around here! Anyway, haven't bought a new custom in quite some time so this is quite an occasion for me. Went to a custom knife show in my home town for the express purpose of checking out this guy's work and had to take this one home with me... its made by...
  8. Buffalohump

    Pat Crawford LDC 106 folder

    Price drop to $315 shipped. Will split fees!
  9. Buffalohump

    Pat Crawford LDC 106 folder

    Nice one here from Pat Crawford. Made back in the day as part of an exclusive run for Robertson Custom Cutlery in the LDC series. Liner lock folder, micarta scales, Ti bolsters, backspacer and lock, beautifully polished 154CM blade. Nice size for EDC - OAL 8 inches with 3,5 inch blade...
  10. Buffalohump

    SOLD. Military style Bowie, Camp knife with hamon and modern wakizashi.

    What would the smallest Waki go for, if it were available...? Hypothetically speaking... :) PM with details, thanx.
  11. Buffalohump

    V4E Tactical Backup Knife **SOLD**

    Heck of a good deal...
  12. Buffalohump

    SOLD: J.A. Baker S-TAC

    Specs always help.... ;)
  13. Buffalohump

    Jones Bros Fathom folder and Stu Smith utility camp

    Did not receive yr email? Perhaps try again...
  14. Buffalohump

    Jones Bros Fathom folder and Stu Smith utility camp

    PM sent, you may want to remove yr post or risk an infraction. ;)
  15. Buffalohump

    Jones Bros Fathom folder and Stu Smith utility camp

    Two nice ones here! The Jones Brothers Fathom is a big tough folder, 9 inches of brute force in open format, 5 inches closed. Blade is 5mms and made of S30V. Thick Ti liners and Ti clip. Bolsters and backspacer are canvas micarta, scales are G-10. Rock solid lock-up and centered. Nice...
  16. Buffalohump

    Stu Smith forged 52100 w tamboti and mokume

    I am letting this one go... beautiful semi sub-hilt made by one of South Africa's best makers, Stu Smith. Made of forged and convexed 52100 with a visible temper line. Handle is tamboti, an African hardwood, with mokume guard. Blade is 8 inches, handle is 5,5 inches. Stock is 6mm. Leather...
  17. Buffalohump

    Limited Grips! Don't miss out.

    OK the SHOT M4 Grip is also gone... just the Ritter w/Wilkins left. I will drop that to $195 + $10 for shipping.