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    Spyderco Aqua Salt and more

    I'll take the Pentagon.
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    *SOLD* Collection sell-off: Southern Grind, ZT, Vox, GM

    I'll take this one: Zero Tolerance 0850CF - Rexford/Sinkevich Design - Blue CF,20CV blade, crazy smooth action! Discontinued and BNIB. $250 shipped TYD PM sent.
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    Prices cut on Buck Remington slips.Buck knives. Very nice.

    I'll take this one; Buck 620 Reaper Red with wood handle. Camp knife colors. Havent seen one before. $60.00. PM sent.
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    2 crkt fixed blades

    I'll take the Siwi, pm sent.
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    Price drop

    I'll take this one: 4- CRKT CEO- this is a fun knife but doesn’t fit my lifestyle/needs. I never carry it. I am sure I have cut something but no sign of use that I see. Asking $30 pm sent.
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    Your most lasting folder

    Victorinox Swisschamp -- 13 years Runner ups: Benchmade large Grip -- 8 years Spyderco Endura -- 3 years
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    Seconds on the Hunter.
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    It's a Pioneer Harvester.
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    These are gone. Thanks!

    pm sent concerning Houge.