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  1. quattromori

    Best traditional travel knife?

    Again, alox SAK. That's what I travel with nowadays. This year, it's a Bantam and a Pioneer X ;) Fausto :cool:
  2. quattromori

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Back here after a few days without internet (the good and bad side of being on holiday so far away from home :D). Leghog, I know enough about those procedures, since it's my job to be involved in the business. Anyway, as a colleague of mine pointed out long ago, we overrate the importance of...
  3. quattromori

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Randy, I would add the Fenix E05 (AAA battery) and the Fenix E12 (AA battery) to the list of possibles. The Olight suggested above is very nice as well (especially if you like the tail switch). No clue on the Streamlight. Fausto :cool:
  4. quattromori

    Carbon or Inox Opinels,Why do you prefer either,and pros and cons of both...

    Stainless for me. I tend to prefer stainless steel as a general rule. I would pick a carbon Opinel if it was much better than the inox one. In my experience, it's not, and if there is some difference, it's the other way round. That's why my two Opinel knives are stainless. Fausto :cool:
  5. quattromori

    Victorinox Cellidor vs. Transparent Scales

    In my experience, transparent ones are very nice when they're new, but when the scratches come, they lose all their I would pick cellidor :) :cool:
  6. quattromori

    Lion Steel "Roundhead" Euro-Barlow

    Lionsteel is a reputable maker and I'm sure this knife will come out very nice. Their work on M390 and their grinds should make you folks happy. I'm not going to buy this knife, but it's nice to see an Italian company making another step into exploring the slipjoint world, and even more since...
  7. quattromori

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Christian, I always enjoy seeing cast iron cookware. I grew up with some very traditional cooking techniques, some of which I've learned along the way. When I get back home, I'll take pictures of a peculiar copper skillet I've been gifted recently (and never used), coming from south-central...
  8. quattromori

    Decent budget traditional?

    Also, browse the sales section here. Stockman knives are quite common (for example, there's a Case one for 30 usd which might be a good choice) ;) Fausto :cool:
  9. quattromori

    Decent budget traditional?

    Never handled a RR, but they seem to deliver a very nice and quite consistent product for their price. Buck would be a very safe quality choice without a doubt. If you're ok with carbon steel, though, Solingen-made Boker could be a nice path as well. Fausto :cool:
  10. quattromori

    SAK scissors... why?

    I use them quite often as well (and they're the reason why I carry a Classic constantly, no matter what other knife I have in my pocket). But, as others said, we're all different and have different needs. :cool:
  11. quattromori

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Frank, I see your point, and I agree that properly treated (Buck's) 420HC is as good as Sandvik steels. I have no data on costs (neither raw cost or manifacturing cost) but I assumed there can't be a huge difference among all the steels mentioned. It does surprise me, though, to hear that 440...
  12. quattromori

    A Corral for Mustangs, Stallions, Ranch Hands... all that are a part the 74 Herd.

    Thank you. As for the rehandle, it's pretty much decided; I assume I will send out the knife when I get back home from the holidays (if the talented craftsman is available of course ;)) Fausto :cool:
  13. quattromori

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Jeff, I asked myself the same question more than once, especially about Sandvik steels. In my opinion, these steels (12c27 and 13c26) should be the baseline of stainless traditionals: they're cheap (a stainless Opinel costs less than 10 usd), easy to process (same quote on Opinel knives), can...
  14. quattromori

    New GEC #13 Congress series (Clerk, Speaker Jack and Whip)

    The congress jack (speaker jack) looks interesting, just like the BF knife did. I'd also like threaded bolsters, a nice shield...and stainless blades (which are unlikely to happen, I know). Also, a single sheepsfoot version would be nice. Fausto :cool:
  15. quattromori

    A Corral for Mustangs, Stallions, Ranch Hands... all that are a part the 74 Herd.

    The #74 is one of the very few knives I bought in the near past...for good reasons :) I'd like the zulu spear blade, but prefer stainless, so I got the drop point version and I'm very happy with it. Although, to be honest, I might send it to Glenn for a rehandle :rolleyes: Fausto :cool:
  16. quattromori

    The Sardinian connection.

    I do agree things are changing, and they're opening towards international customers, Paypal and so on. It's a shame these knives have only been available in Sardinia for decades, and unknown or unavailable in the US and other foreign markets. It's a big part of Sardinian tradition and...
  17. quattromori

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    Cool knives folks! As for me...aWay from home for my holidays...this seems to be my travelling set lately: a Bantam for daily carry, and a Pioneer X for walks/hikes/picnics/outdoor :) Fausto :cool:
  18. quattromori

    Your trad EDC & your clothes

    Call me weird...I carry a front pocket wallet in my rear pocket :D I tend to use slim jeans lately, switched from 501 to 511 Levi's and I like them alot. Not much room in my pockets but honestly I prefer to go around light. While folding wallets feel uncomfortable, slim front pocket ones (with...
  19. quattromori

    The Sardinian connection.

    The problem with many Sardinian knifemakers is that they do not invest much time or effort in building a simple but decent website and having someone who helps them with English...and it's a shame, cause many knife enthusiasts (especially in the US) would like to get a nice resolza but often...
  20. quattromori

    A little Sardinian.

    Hey Carl, I'm always happy to see your knife is still doing good. I've been very busy during the last two months, and now I'm away for my (deserved ;)) holidays, but the Sardinian Connection never sleeps :rolleyes: Fausto :cool: