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  1. SamuraiDave

    Fun project – hatchet, how small can it be?

    Cool hatchet, and beautiful piece of wood!
  2. SamuraiDave

    Guard project for Kabar bowie

    Needle files, I got cheapo chinese diamond needle files from Harbor Freight or Tractor Supply. Use a sharpie, color the Inside of the guard. Fit it to the tang, pull it off, and file a little where it rubs. If you take your time it will appear as if there is no seam. I've did an Cold Steel SRK...
  3. SamuraiDave

    Fighting Knife

    Almost made it in before the Smachet. Seriously, grab a beer, or a few beers, and then google it. Hours and hours of threads to peruse through.
  4. SamuraiDave

    Cleaver Knives

    Also look into Fredrich Dick series of knives, they make some well made cleaver hybrids. A site sponsor Baryonyx Knife carries them.
  5. SamuraiDave

    "Guilty Pleasure" Knives...

    I've come full circle too. Mora, Opinel, SAK, and Chinese made Buck StockmanFTW. I used to turn my nose up at anything less than $100. I still have a few of them. And yes, 440C can be very well done. I have some kitchen knives made by an older gentleman who worked in nothing but 440C...
  6. SamuraiDave

    Ontario vs marbles machete...

    I had a gap like that in mine. I dribbled epoxy through that gap before sanding them down. After sanding them I gave them a few coats of minwax wood hardener, then some type of oil finish. I think BLO. Good machete. I like your home made micarta.
  7. SamuraiDave

    Is this Oyabun genuine?

    Looks just like the one I keep by my desk. I'd say it's legit.
  8. SamuraiDave

    House Handle's Octagon Tire Knockers, and Walking Canes...

    I guess my original post does sound quite mall ninja like. Just curious about the other offerings of House Handle. I think I will order a few things from them for Valentines day.
  9. SamuraiDave

    Estwing Hatchet steel

    From the video it appears that they heat treat and quench the entire head. However, wouldn't the edge heat/cool faster than the other thicker parts? Allowing the edge to be harder than the rest of the body?
  10. SamuraiDave

    House Handle's Octagon Tire Knockers, and Walking Canes...

    Been looking for online reviews, and I havent found any. I thought there might be some in the "blunt object/weapon" threads here and in Practical Tactical, but I havent found any there either. Anyways, I'm interested in the Octagon Tire Knockers, the Stockman's Walking Canes, and the...
  11. SamuraiDave

    The Club and Improvised weapons thread (Post your Handy work!)

    This thread reminded me. Anyone try House Handle's Tire Thumper? Been thinking of getting an octagon one...or three
  12. SamuraiDave

    A little work with the beast.

    That thing is awesome! Don't know what I'd do with it, but it's awesome!
  13. SamuraiDave

    Japanese chef knife - Maker? or copy?

    I was out cruising other knife sites and ran across this. I'm not associated to this other site, but I find what you have interesting and made a note of it.
  14. SamuraiDave

    Do you really need a cleaver?

    Thin vs thick. Thin can be used for everything but breaking down primal cuts. Research Nakaris, thin vegetable knives that are awesome for what they do. Then research Chinese Chefs knife. You don't have to spend much. Well... Unless you want to. Think of it this way. If you had to feed a couple...
  15. SamuraiDave

    Best kitchen cutlery today, considering quality/price

    +1Tojiro Better heat treat than other VG-10 that I've experienced from some of the Damascus Shun series with the VG-10 core, and less expensive. (Didn't realize I'd already replied.)
  16. SamuraiDave

    fighting machetes

    I have several Imcasa machetes. My most often used is the 14" bolo, it looks like a duckbill. Lots Lots Of thin steel out front if you wanted to grind It into a 14" clip point and sharpen it like a Bowie. I use the back side for roots and grubbing around. I also have a 36" Imcasa Latin machete...
  17. SamuraiDave

    Which air hardening steel

    S7 would be my first choice, then A2
  18. SamuraiDave

    Understanding kitchen knives

    Chefs Knives to Go has a lot of great YouTube videos on the products that he offers. Incredible stuff that is hard to find elsewhere on his site. I've ordered this and that from him, but nothing in the over $100 before. I have plans to though.
  19. SamuraiDave

    Best kitchen cutlery today, considering quality/price

    +1 for Tojiro Incredible stuff for the money.
  20. SamuraiDave

    The Mini Hatchet

    I'd love to see one of these made as a Council Tool offering, specifically their Velvicut line.