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    Elusive Schrades

    OH, MY! 😍
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    Pick your favorite

    OK, @mitch13 posted a nice picture of one in the alox thread. Wow, that would be a fantastic do-all pocket pruning tool. I could definitely make use of it.
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    Pick your favorite

    Thanks, I've only seen pictures, not in person. I'll have to do more research.
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    Pick your favorite

    I only have a Cadet and Electrician right now, but a "7" is on my wish list, so I voted for that one. Electrician plus saw blade? Yes, please!
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Pat at the knife shop told me a little about the history of these and how they were originally made by Camillus. I found this video comparing the Camillus and Rough Rider -- wow, quite a difference in price! A few observations after spending a little time with this knife: the fit and finish...
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    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Oh boy! Just found this one, new in its nice magnetic clasp box and still in the plastic slip. When I was very little, Hopalong Cassidy was my absolutely favorite TV show. I got to meet William Boyd once when he was on a promotional tour. I was much too shy to speak in his presence, but as I...
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    Very interesting! I'm familiar with the Mk II but did not know about the Mk I. I once worked with a fellow who had served on the Bainbridge.
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    Swiss Army Knife tip/ trick

    Very clever, thanks! Now I'm wondering what else I might be able to carry or hide in there... 🤔
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    Sunny Yellow ___day (Traditionals only, please)

    New acquisition -- 2018 Case CV Muskrat.
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    What's your newest Buck knife

    Not a knife, but looky what I just found for $5. Just perfect for my 1991 532 Bucklock. (When I found the 532 it didn't have a sheath so I have been using a 112 polyester sheath with it.) The center of the snap looks weird because it's reflecting the sky. And, it has the...
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    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    Just found this one today: NIB 2018 yellow CV Muskrat. So new and untouched that it still had the factory burr on the edges. A few strokes on an Opinel mini-steel and it's incredibly sharp. Indoor picture since it's raining out. This is my first knife purchase in a while; just haven't seen...
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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    I haven't carried this one in years, but I've been motivated to put it on my belt for a few days. Based on my research, and knowing about when and where I originally bought it, I'm sure it's a version 5 variation 4 from 1974, and thus one of the first of the two-dots. That's based on the usual...
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    The Bucklock 532 was introduced in 1991. This is a 1991 model and is marked "PAT. PEND." I understand* that the first 1100 pieces shipped had misaligned filework and the birchwood covers were cut differently so that the laminations were not obvious, so this is not one from that batch. Still...
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    Buck 112 Blade Shapes

    I just compared my 112LT with my 2020 112FG. The blades are almost exactly the same shape. If anything, the LT is ever so slightly wider from spine to edge, at least toward the tang end of the blade.
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    Photos Exquisite Natural Covers

    A pair of 'rats: S&M fire oak bone; Case deep canyon jigged calypso bone.
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    The Pathfinder Club - Members Only!

    <!!!!!> :cool:
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    Traditional mug shots

    Great photo!
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    Coffee mug or tea cup

    The Victor coffee mug history was interesting, and it made me get this one out to check -- it was the favorite of my father, who passed away about 20 years ago, and who used it every day for as long as I can remember. It's not a Victor, but is marked Sterling Vitrified China East Liverpool...