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    How useful are bayonets?

    I have never served in the military but I imagine that bayonets can still be very useful for Guarding prisoners Crowd control In both cases the need is for a weapon that is intimidating but not immediately lethal.
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    London mayor declares strict knife policy

    London mayor has declared a very strict policy concerning knives. Sadiq Khan has outlined his policies
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    Tops El Chete has my attention

    It looks to be a large heavy cleaver. Probably great for some tasks. I would never want to use it as a machete all day long
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    Yet Another Reason To Dislike Clips

    I have never had luck with clips. Pocket carry or belt sheath for me.
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    Seriously, I hate this blade forum . . .

    Every so often, you need 366 during a leap year.:rolleyes:
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    MMalvaux swiss knife

    I have just learned of a Malvaux knife made in Switzerland. It has a bent handle and a single nonlocking blade. Does anyone have more information on this?:)
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    I thought mac carried a Vic for a reason.

    Some really blasphemous things going on. Next thing might be a show about Jesus at a wedding turning water into Pepsi or the Lone Ranger riding a Vespa. Some things should never be tampered with. :cool::)
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    Toughest Materials That You Cut Through

    Almost all of my cutting is household or classroom. Some cutting tasks should probably be left for dedicated shears, saws and other specialized tools. A pocket knife is usually not adequate.
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    How To Another use found for the SAK parcel hook

    You seem to have done a good MacGyver with your gaiters. Good thinking.
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    Why I love Victorinox!

    Victorinox service is great.
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    Anybody know anything about this pocket knife? "Gesco"

    Using the internet, I see Gesco knives made in Japan. Not expensive at the prices listed.
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    Crappy Knives That Your Co-Workers Carry (or Multi Tools)

    Commenting on another person's knife is like commenting on theory taste in music. It is rarely helpful and may cause hard feelings.
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    Weeding with Machete

    A machete for weeds and soft vegetation should be lightweight. You do not want to swing a heavy one for long periods of time.
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    I am in. You are very generous.
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    I am in with number 68. Thanks for your generosity.
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    Ruike knives

    Is anyone familiar with Ruike knives? At least some of them are variations on the Swiss Army Knife pattern. They are made in China. It is a new name to me.
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    Thousand Likes GAW

    I would like to be in. It is really considerate of you to remember someone in this way.
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    Knife you could rely on for survival

    Look at what the local Inuit or Laplanders or Amazon forest people use. They survive in their environments with butcher knives or machetes or other basic tools.
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    Neck Knives

    I can see a neck knife for someone working on a ladder or stated in a canoe but otherwise not. I have never really tried one and probably will not ever wear one.