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  1. nannybear

    Bark River Huntsman - 1st Production Run

    according to knives ship free try this: Overall Length: 6.875" Blade Length: 3.25" Cutting Edge: 2.8" Blade Steel: A2 Tool Steel @ 58-60RC Blade Thickness: .187" Weight: 3.125oz. Bark River Knives: Huntsman The Huntsman by Bark River Knives is one of the...
  2. nannybear

    Tactical gear for sale

    thanks. great stuff.
  3. nannybear

    Fixed Blade Fire Sale!!!!

    is the becker black or fde?
  4. nannybear

    2XXL Belts & Shirts

    i'll take the 2 green f&s shirts if available.
  5. nannybear

    If Thor is missing his hammer, give him a knife!

    i'll take it. your in box is full.
  6. nannybear

    BRK Bravo 1 CPM154

    i see them. i'll take it...
  7. nannybear

    Johnson woolen mills SOLD

    i'll take them...if still available
  8. nannybear

    Four for sale. Free shipping

    i'll take the ak bayonet.
  9. nannybear

    Sold!!Miller bros m27- updated with specs

    what is the steel on this? also, may i ask what business you have?
  10. nannybear


    i'll take it
  11. nannybear

    Lots of different Olight flashlights & Weapon lights

    i will take: 1 Warrior Mini DT Desert Tan 1 Warrior X Turbo DT Desert Tan thinking hard on that tan javelot turbo
  12. nannybear

    Aurora Borealis Kodiak Chopper

    i have one of his knives. this thing is a BEAST! goes through wood like a pissed off banshee...the handle fits the hand perfectly and there are no hot spots. steel is strong and takes batoning if ya don't wanna chop. the kydex sheath is well made and sturdy. honestly, ya can't go wrong with...
  13. nannybear

    Enzo Trapper N690Co

    n a 95 has a blade a hair short of 4 inches. the 115 is 4.5 inches.
  14. nannybear

    Enzo Trapper N690Co

    is it the 95 or 115?
  15. nannybear


    i will take them