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    Blades & Bourbon

    The 90 proof regular Ezra whiskey is my day to to day whiskey. I drink it staight up...the woman squeezes an orange in hers. My liquor guy just started carrying the 99 proof because other whiskeys have been hard to get and he didn't want empty shelves. It's pretty good, kind of like Dickel's...
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    110 brass smell

    Or they just cannot smell well...:)
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    Blades & Bourbon

    How did you like the Ezra Brooks? I find it tasty and reasonable. It's a new offering where I shop.
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    Let me vent!

    Fourteen years ago older Sebenzas could be rebladed. They did “runs” for parts and new designs were backwards compatible. The company was committed to a “knife for life” concept for the sebenza, thus the “spa treatment” and reblades. CRK could have kept the flagship alive if they wanted to...
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    Case in S35VN?

    What kind of "people like me" are you? :) Case has been making a few modern patterns in premium steels for awhille, e.g., Slimlock. They were never big in belt knives as far as I know...which is about a yard :)
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    My kid needs his first pocket knife

    Vicrorinox Classic. The tools are useful and it's not a good fantasy weapon. Put it on some paracord and he can wear it and wil be less likely to lose it. If he does lose it, it doesn't hurst to replace it. If it closes on his finger he needs a bandaid and learned a lesson.
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    Gentleman’s EDC

    They cut like knives. Their ZDP is awesome. Go out w/o the wife and trade for it.
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    Case in S35VN?

    I have a case in ats34, about 4 in 154cm and had one in case steel. All had a good heat treat.
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    Kissing Crane "Home Run Slugger'

    Try a post in the want to buy forum.
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    Let's see your Case knives, old to new.

    Of course they don't make them like they used to. We have electricity now and many old dyes were not good for the environment :)
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    You dudes with old celluloid knives.

    When celluloid knives die, but not too badly, they become parts knives and are deconstructed to make other Frankenknives. I've got a mini Remington almost-stockman that came to be that way. You can still see the line from the oxidation on one blade and it's a knife that is in no catalog. Per...
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    Update about Dave

    They are well espected because the people who know don't post it here for you to read. Nobody wants to inflame the fan boys. I've heard personal accounts from knife makers, dealers and collectors about this person and their two faced persona and rip-off tactics. Some of them were first person...
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    Update about Dave

    It's common. One well known highly respected purveyor did it routinely. He's notorious for doing it per midwest gun show scuttlebut. Pissed some widows off though who were smarter than him and he was preferentially excluded from some collections...had to be the #2 buyer to get some knives...
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    Most iconic American folders

    Fishing knife with toothpick blade and fish scaler.
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    You dudes with old celluloid knives.

    I have two 50-80yo. Still good. I keep them on the end table in the open out of direct sun.
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    A.G. Russell's 2014 Texas Ranger - King of the Woods

    I’ve been to the AGR store more than once and seen this knife and many others of his knives. The China knives are Rough Rider quality for 2-3 times the price. His Texas knives used to be US made. His reason for going Chinese was price after Cammilus closed, but he could have gone European.
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    A.G. Russell's 2014 Texas Ranger - King of the Woods

    AGRussel’s marketing sometimes can be believed, but there’s some real BS in it. AGR has to hand select knives out of China because there are so many with flaws and AGR has a no questions asked return policy.
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    Flea market fixed blade

    From what I can rememmbe, which is not much, they are a quality blade. Picture?
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    Mike Alsdorf?
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    Case Bose: What would YOU do?

    Unless the repair guy for this job is 63, immune compromised couldn't get back to work until October and then to a 7-month backlog. Then it taking 6 months instead of the normal 11/2-2 is an accomplishment.