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  1. Exyzzy

    Small Kiridashi's

    I will take 3 of the curved blade if still available. Thanks.
  2. Exyzzy

    Viking Axe

    I'll take that one if still available. Thanks -eric
  3. Exyzzy

    Titanium liner lock (engraved)

    I will take the next one of these please. -eric
  4. Exyzzy

    gripping armored puukko

    Received today. Really beautiful work. Exquisite. Thank you.
  5. Exyzzy

    gripping armored puukko

    payment sent. -eric
  6. Exyzzy

    gripping armored puukko

    If still available, I'll take it. thanks
  7. Exyzzy

    Little Sodden Knives

    I'll take the Masur Birch if still available. Thanks - eric
  8. Exyzzy

    Japanese Killer Bee Necker w/ kydex SOLD

    I'll take it. Thanks!
  9. Exyzzy

    Hand Forged Carving Knife in 52100!

    I'll take it! awesome.
  10. Exyzzy

    6" Vegetable utility knife request thread.

    I'll sign up for one!
  11. Exyzzy

    ***Bird N Trout VERSION 2 In Excellent Burls***

    Sorry, did not see that - I'll switch to the blue if still available - thanks
  12. Exyzzy

    ***Bird N Trout VERSION 2 In Excellent Burls***

    I'll take #2 natural buckeye if available - thanks
  13. Exyzzy

    Pony Hawk

    Just received my similar hawk this week and really appreciate the design and quality of execution. Great work. Thanks Gerry!
  14. Exyzzy

    Another mixed lot. ( Sold Out )

    Clean work on that Puukko sheath - nice.
  15. Exyzzy

    JS Test Fighter by Eduardo Berardo JS

    Wow. Nice work. Love the Giraffe Bone.
  16. Exyzzy

    ***Pair of Premium Hunters in Beautiful Burl***

    I'll take the other
  17. Exyzzy

    Hawk Forged From a Stone Mason's Hammer

    I'll take it, with leather cover please, if available. thanks
  18. Exyzzy

    Forged 1/1 Custom Drop Point Hunter Spalted Maple Burl

    super unique, nice soul in that knife.
  19. Exyzzy

    Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter - Mammoth Ivory **SOLD**

    I'll take it if available - thanks
  20. Exyzzy

    Utility/ paring knife

    I like a big paring knife and have none (yet) with hamon. Very nice.