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    SAK in Space

    Here is a fun little video of Astronaut Don Pettit repairing an Omega Speedy Pro X-33 while on board the ISS. Not a great testimonial for the Omega, but he makes a funny quip about using proper tools for the job, a Leatherman Wave. ;)
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    An old friend.

    Thanks for sharing. It's the stories that always makes it more interesting. Even the difficult stories.
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    GATURA pocket organizer

    These look great. That little one is very tempting. I've sold off all of my Maxpedition pouches. I just found them to be too bulky. I also don't like or trust elastic loops. Thanks for sharing.
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    SAKs & Other Knives - Carried Together

    putting both of my Swiss tools to work today.
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    What watch do you wear?

    Summer time -
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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    The big 307 on the bottom has been fun to carry lately.
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    Socket wrench problems

    Yeah, mine is made in USA and the newer ones don't appear to be made in USA. I checked out the reviews and if I counted correctly, five out of the 15 reviews stated that their ratchets failed. That doesn't work for me. I won't disagree with you on grease being the better lubricant but the...
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    Socket wrench problems

    All, I appreciate the responses. I didn't think this question would garner much interest, but your points are all valid. Much appreciated, thanks. For what it's worth, I did an overhaul of the 1/2" wrench and it's working fine now. Couldn't find out why it was jamming, but it's nice and...
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    Socket wrench problems

    Yeah, I think you're right. I thought this practice was long gone, but I just checked it out and it looks like they still offer a lifetime guarantee on most hand tools. I'll need to give them a call.
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    Socket wrench problems

    Not sure if this is the best place to post and ask this but maybe someone out there with more experience can shed light on a problem that I am having with a couple of socket wrenches that I own. Back in the early 90s I replaced my SK socket set (stolen out of the back of my FJ40) with a large...
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    My Leatherman Wave+ broke...AGAIN!!??

    Shows what I know. ;) My wife gave me a Gen1 many years ago. Loved it so much that it took a swim and never came back. She found the Gen 2 on sale and I seemed to have held on to it, but it's just not the same. I haven't had any issues, but I was curious if it was a problem as well.
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    My Leatherman Wave+ broke...AGAIN!!??

    I'm curious. Is this a first or second gen wave?
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    What multitool or SAK did you buy today

    This 'gardener' (florist/floral) just came in. I was drawn to the unusual red/white shield (vs. the gold inlay) and the brass liners.
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    Not Just for Florists

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who likes these. I've got a sheepsfoot on the way.
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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    Some S30V today...... And most days.
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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    Just the little one today.
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    300 Series History 1966 to 1990

    What a beauty!
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    Show Your Buck 501's

    Yeah, I love that old Micarta. I find that the blades are often short though and that bugs me a bit. Patience....
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    What Buck are you carrying today?

    Good stuff all around, but I would appreciate it if you would return my dog.
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    Personally, I think it's a 'best of both worlds' scenario. You've got the sweet, vanilla of Bourbon, the spice of Rye and the smoke and peat of scotch coming together and it works surprisingly well. It may disappoint a Bourbon purist, but if you are looking for a 'different' sipper, it's worth...
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