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  1. moonwilson

    Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy.

    That thing is so rad Dave. Are you bringing it to Blade this year?
  2. moonwilson

    Looking for a 3.5 - 4.5 inch fixed blade, please help

    This is the correct answer. :thumbup:
  3. moonwilson

    Cheap knives that continue to beat out more expensive knives for pocket time.

    I have thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars worth of knives. I've been at it for a while. My most used knives lately are a medium Case stockman and a basic Mora. You really don't need much else.
  4. moonwilson

    Case Stockman vs Sowbelly

    I own a nice example of the Case sowbelly and more than a few Case stockmen. I never carry or use my sowbelly, but I carry and use my #18 pattern medium stockman every day. As others have mentioned, the sheepsfoot blade sits very high when closed and really digs into your hand when you're using...
  5. moonwilson

    Who makes the best Peanut?

    Case peanuts are the best peanuts. Of course.
  6. moonwilson

    WTF? CRKT Sebenza?

    I have one of the real CRKT Sebenzas- it's garbage. But it was cool because it was an oddity and a piece of history. It makes me a little sad that there are more of those things floating around. I thought I had something pretty rare and special.
  7. moonwilson

    Sebenza thumbstud removal

    Lolz. I can't wait to see what you do to the thing. Even more, I can't wait to see how folks react to it. "But, but, but, it's already PERFECT!" Here is the knife that's going to get the chop.
  8. moonwilson

    Current GA Knife law

    This is incorrect. There used to be a 3" blade restriction in Atlanta (that was rarely/ never enforced) but that has been knocked down by state law. Now the blade length limit is 5" statewide. Carry what you want, the cops don't give a fig unless you're doing something else that you shouldn't be...
  9. moonwilson

    specific knives that meet new TSA req's

    Looks like my Peanut collection is going to come in handy. :D Most of the knives here are now "TSA approved".
  10. moonwilson

    GEC Genuine Barlow

    I missed out as well. They should make more, it's one of the most appealing knives GEC has ever made, in my opinion.
  11. moonwilson

    Case/Bose Lanny's Clip

    I'd get it. They'll likely sell out completely, and won't be made again. If you decide you don't like it, you should be able to sell it with almost no loss.
  12. moonwilson


    The GEC sodbuster is the best one I have ever used, by a large margin, and I own more than a few from other makers. The build quality, edge geometry and blade steel are absolutely first rate. You'd be hard pressed to find a finer pocket cutting implement at any price. I've had one from the first...
  13. moonwilson

    Mora Forest Exclusive 311

    Oooh. That Mora in the OP, droooool. I like almost all Moras, but very few are drool-worthy. That one sure is! Very nice.
  14. moonwilson

    Share your French traditional/regional pocket knives

    I only have a Douk Douk and an Opinel. This is my sad face: :( I've been halfway looking for a nice Laguiole for years, but have yet to find one that was not ridiculously overpriced, or horribly made, or both. There are some knives in this thread I would be happy to own examples of. Nice stuff...
  15. moonwilson

    Taramundi - Spanish Traditional

    Very interesting knife! I really like lower-end provincial knives, the variation of forms in objects designed to do essentially the exact same thing is fascinating. I'd add one of those to the collection, for sure. Thanks for sharing that one with us, it's lovely. Really, there's no backspring...
  16. moonwilson

    Just got my Hayn' Helper and what a deal!

    Looks too shiny! Give it a whoopin'! ;) I've been carrying the single blade version of that knife, it's lovely. I've been using mine for everything I can think of since I got it, and it's performed beautifully for everything I've asked of it. Cutting cables, stripping wires, carving wood...
  17. moonwilson

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    Rough Riders in carbon? :eek: That doesn't sound half bad. They'll probably be at least up there with old Imperials in terms of quality, and those were fairly solid knives. It could be fun to get a bunch of carbon Rough Riders and play with some aggressive forced-patina methods. I have a hard...
  18. moonwilson

    Svord Peasant MINI

    I really need to pick one of these up. I've been playing with my full-size peasant quite a bit lately, and the smaller version should be amazing. The design is just too cool, I love the blade action. Nothing else is quite like it, except for customs of course, which cost much more. It looks like...
  19. moonwilson

    Comparison of two working horses: DoukDouk and K55K Mercator

    Very nice write up and pictures, thank you for this! I've been curious about both of these knives for a while. By coincidence, I have both on order. I can't wait to try them out, but your excellent pictures will make the wait that much easier. Cheers!
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