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  1. Rival1314

    Just pix of knives

  2. Rival1314

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Just made this "purple dark matter" carbon fiber scale for my new firetac recurve. Will be knocking out a matching lbs, tab, and thumbdisk this weekend;-)
  3. Rival1314

    Horizontal belt carry options

    Kydex for the kershaw Lucha. They use a tek lock or gclip...I carry these above my front left pocket for an easy cross draw.
  4. Rival1314

    2 Ti-Dashi's w/Kydex - Great utility cutters:-)

    I have a pair of Ti-Dashi's made of 6al4v titanium, being full titanium construction these will not rust or deteriorate in salt water or high humidity conditions. Both come with a Ulti-Clip setup for cross draw carry (above the pocket on the belt), but also work great as neck knives due to the...
  5. Rival1314

    Shiro won’t flip open

    looks fine to me:-)
  6. Rival1314

    Who could you recommend for Anodizing a pivot Screw?

    shoot me a pm, I can help with Ti anodizing:-)
  7. Rival1314

    Kershaw starting Sprint Runs!

    been waiting a while for a CF Bareknuckle so I could do this.....
  8. Rival1314

    Kershaw starting Sprint Runs! for one.....and I'm gonna swap out the blade from my damascus bareknuckle...that will be as close to a 777 as I can get:-)
  9. Rival1314

    ZT023 "in use" review?

    I have been carrying this since the week it came out, and I enjoy it for what it is....a backup/light duty knife. The main reason I say that is because of its size & the fact it does not lock. If it locked up it could do ALOT more hard work....but some scenarios i just wouldn't feel comfortable...
  10. Rival1314

    Recommendation? Kershaw Dividend M390 or Composite

    m390 if you are gonna put it to work, if you are gonna edc it and cut a few things here and there then composite all day....
  11. Rival1314

    Just pix of knives

  12. Rival1314

    Benchmade 32, ZT 223 & 0055 w/Timascus clip *Priced 2 Move!

    Thanks for the fast interest gentlemen!! ZT is SPF per our PM's I'll reach out in order for the 32...
  13. Rival1314

    Benchmade 32, ZT 223 & 0055 w/Timascus clip *Priced 2 Move!

    Like everyone else...gotta move some stuff:) 1. Benchmade 32 "Mini Mopho"- $PF carried a few times and flipped a bit, mostly just a safe queen though. D2 steel, anodized and jeweled ti liners, looooong discontinued. Comes with box and pouch. 2. ZT 0055 - $190 - s35vn, Blue anodizing on the...
  14. Rival1314

    Could and would ZT do a OTF?

    the H&K Otf's have always been a nice option too...very well mady by Benchmade in the past and now Hogue I believe..anything to keep you away from Microtech:-)
  15. Rival1314

    New ZT looks pretty disappointing

    This one does a good job of comparing the build qualities and spec diferences: This is also a well discussed video, highlighting and contrastingthe complaints and comparisons: At least these guys have the knives in hand and can offer relevant talking points and feedback....the speculation...
  16. Rival1314

    New ZT looks pretty disappointing

    FWIW...I never had a problem opening my 0562 with the studs, and its not a sloppy detent. Technique, dexterity, and slim fingers I guess.... I get that guys with meaty paws may have a different experience...but if thats truly an issue a slight modification to the showside would allow the extra...
  17. Rival1314

    New ZT looks pretty disappointing

    while y'all are whining and complaining about speedsafe, materials, and pricepoints...I'm over here enjoying the knife. You can value shop and compare to death...the only thing KAI did wrong is have too much value in their current lineup. Lets get real...Its a ZT for $148. Its build tougher...
  18. Rival1314

    New ZT looks pretty disappointing

    Seems to me like they were going for a replacement...or evolution of the 350 that has always been a speedsafe knife. While ZT has been doing mostly bearings and washers lately, speedsafe seems to have been a consistent seller for them. I get that forumites don't like speedsafe, but...
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