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    Recommendation? Large SS knives

    Any reputable manufacturer should have an easy to find warranty link on their front page. Example manufacturer warranty pages... Buck Knives ESEE Knives Fallkniven Cold Steel Boker USA
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    Recommendation? Large SS knives

    I would like to amend my post on steel type with the addition of warranty. There are lifetime warranties and there there are "no-questions asked" lifetime warranties (ESEE for one). I like the second version myself, especially if you are willing to pay $300+ (each) for several knives...
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    Advice on how to narrow down collection

    I have 10 knives which seems crazy around this place I know. A couple hold sentimental value, the rest I carry at certain times. If I add one I give away one, usually to my son.
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    Recommendation? Large SS knives

    Type of stainless (S30V, Elmax, S35VN, etc.) would be in the mandatory list for me. That will refine your search more than most other choices.
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    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I agree, I have sworn off ESEE until they offer more steel options. I'll probably look to Bradford instead.
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    Alternative to KERSHAW LEEK ?

    I really like my Leek. Why look any farther? If you find something down the road, buy that too.
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    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    I've been looking at the Cold Steel SR1 Tanto in 3V for just such an occasion. My Get Home Bag is big enough for a fixed blade but you can never have too many knives to choose from.
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    Any Love For Spyderco Bow River?

    Got it today. My very first Spyderco.
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    Wheels and Blades

    I think I did it wrong.
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    I'll Take 80%

    Glad you're well. Your knives are beautiful.
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    Sorry, I wasn't talking about having someone copy a design. I thought the idea was to have something somewhat unique. Having a craftsman copy a production knife (even a special edition) would defeat the purpose.
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    Wouldn't an easier road to a super low-volume knife lead to one of the many skilled custom knife makers we have available right here? Or is part of the draw in the name brand?
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    Are the flippers / scalpers going to ruin the the fun?

    I'm new to enthusiast knives so forgive the ignorance, are these exclusives just color/material variations on production knives or actually limited run models?
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    Photos My first knife...

    Looks great to me. Throw up some stats, handle/blade length, steel used so I can get more into what I'm looking at there. Have you hardness tested?
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    Any Love For Spyderco Bow River?

    I'm convinced, ordered today. Reminds me of an ESEE HM. I think it would make a good camp food-prep tool.
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    Still exclusive?

    So you want the Black/Stonewashed and not the Black/Cerakote. They have it in the mini but you lose 1/2"...
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    Which of my knives should I not carry on me?

    Zombies. Hopefully the slow kind, not the fast kind.
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    Which of my knives should I not carry on me?

    Are you a ninja? If not that is too many knives.
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    Lionsteel T6....or M6.....or.....waiting anyway!

    I was about to buy that lovely T5 w/ green micarta, T6 you say?
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    Cheap folder with a good blade?

    Getting some groceries at the Wmart and they had a surprising selection Kershaws and Gerbers. Both a Leek and Blur made it into the cart somehow. That sort of blew my whole super-cheap knife deal though. My wife loves it that I have a new hobby to spend money on!
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