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  1. J

    Lionsteel T6....or M6.....or.....waiting anyway!

    Any update/news?
  2. J

    We are studying...

    Any update on T6?
  3. J

    What's Next??? . . . Solve The Riddle And Win $300.00!!!

    Anniversary steel heart.
  4. J

    There's A New Outlaw In Town!!!. . . NFNO Coming Wednesday, February 6, 2019. . . 9:00pm Eastern !!!

    Just follow this forum closely and you will have all info you need.
  5. J

    100/100 gaw - bonus gaw added

    Awesome GAW. I am in. Thanx.
  6. J

    Idea Push, Basic Kukri

    Next week then?☺
  7. J

    Idea Push, Basic Kukri

    Well.....may be next Wednesday☺.
  8. J

    Idea Push, Basic Kukri

    Couldn't agree more:).
  9. J

    Busse Combat Is Proud To Introduce The Battle Grade Mofo With CBT

    Guys, is this a long or short time offer?
  10. J

    Hinderer XM-18 3.5 Factory Scales

    I will take blue and dark green if the price is all in.
  11. J

    Am I the only 1 who is excited about the firefly?

    I definitely like it but will have to handle one before I buy it.
  12. J

    Survive! knives

    Any plans for khukris or parangs? Keep up the good work.
  13. J

    LionSteel Flippers

    So....what's with the flipper?:)
  14. J

    Bionic - GAW-WINNER-229-cchu518-

    Good looking knife. Thanks for the chance.
  15. J

    New Busse Kukri

    Any news on that?:)
  16. J

    Extrema Ratio: fake knives are for fake people

    Wow. These are ugly:)
  17. J

    **CONTEST CLOSED - the WINNER is grownstar** 3,000th Post Giveaway (GAW)

    My most memorable BF moment was discovering BF:).
  18. J

    Winkler vs Strider

    plus one on Winkler
  19. J

    My friend ask to trade his XM-18 Wharnie for my Burt Foster

    That is one awesome blade. I wouldn't trade it.
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