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  1. Gollnick

    National Prepper and Survivalist Expo- Come by and see us!

    That's what they're preparing for.
  2. Gollnick


    Sure. They're big, ackward, noisey, and actually don't do a good job of filtering out fine dust. Also, they're no good on carpeting because they don't have a beater/brush.
  3. Gollnick


    About 25 years ago, I spent what seemed like a lot of money with a friend who sold commercial vacs to purchase for my household use a Sanitaire vac, the commercial make of Electrolux. Earlier this year, the zipper on the bag gave out and I though how silly it was that such a simple part...
  4. Gollnick

    The metric system ...

    60 drops is a teaspoon 3 teaspoons is a tablespoon 2 tablespoons is an ounce 1 1/2 ounces is a jigger or shot 8 ounces is a cup 2 cups is a pint 2 pints is a quart 4 quarts is a gallon 42 gallons is a barrel 52 gallons is a drum And that's pretty much it.
  5. Gollnick

    What drill should i get???

    For any sort of quality knifemaking, you pretty much need a drill press which is going to occupy about four square feet of floor space. The likes of Harbor Freight do have drill presses in the $100 range, but the old adage, "you get what you pay for," holds very true with drill presses... as...
  6. Gollnick

    amazon buys

    There are two sides to Amazon. Sometimes, you are buying from Amazon themselves and they are considered abou as good an on-line retailer as any. For some items, your order placed through Amazon is fulfilled by one of their partners; these are sometimes lesser service. But, being an Amazon...
  7. Gollnick

    Esav Benyamin 70,000 Posts At BFC

    Here's the other disgusting statistic: 70,000 posts and in them all: a total of two spelling error and one minor grammatical error. The man is a great writer.
  8. Gollnick

    Esav Benyamin 70,000 Posts At BFC

    There's only been one that wasn't... and I can't remember it's number.
  9. Gollnick

    Looking for a concealed carry fire arm for edc

    The one piece of advice I will offer is this: in an actual SHTF situation, the best gun is... the one you actually have with you. A tiny little .22 that is actually in your pocket is much more powerful than a .45 1911... that you left at home in your safe because you just didn't want to be...
  10. Gollnick

    Can I grind stuck on candy off a cast iron skillet?

    The melting point of iron is 2800F. The flame temperature of natural gas burning in air is about 2750F. But, even in a natural-gas fired oven won't reach anywhere near 2750. The point here is that you aren't going to melt your pan. Ask a knifemaker what it takes to melt iron.
  11. Gollnick

    An Arko soap opera

    Excellent work. This will add good information to our growing database. And yes, those last few shaves on the scraps take more time and effort to lather. But it is for the good of science!
  12. Gollnick


    People only post the bad experiences. With a little bit of caution, eBay can be a great place to find good knife deals.
  13. Gollnick

    Is BMW a good choice?

    Instead of crapping on this thread, you could start a "Poor guy crappy car thread." Mercedes, BMW, these cars cost twice as much as a similarly-sized Ford or Chevy, but they will deliver four times the miles, so they are a better value in the long run. My current 12-year-old Mercedes has...
  14. Gollnick

    Is BMW a good choice?

    S500-series cars are not intended to inspire; they are intended to impress. BMW has some good design going on, yes. Caddy? No. All recent Caddies are <expletive deleted> ugly. Mercedes, on the other hand, has been batting 1000 at the design plate for several years now, just gorgeous car...
  15. Gollnick

    Entertainment in your EDC kit?

    That's what knives are for... among other things. Balisongs especially excellent in this department.
  16. Gollnick

    Can I grind stuck on candy off a cast iron skillet?

    In the worst-case scenarios -- and carbonized sugar is a really bad case because it is insoluble in water or most common solvents -- is use an abrasive to remove the residue, then sand the area smooth and re-season the pan. It's a lot of work, but it can be done with no real damage to the pan...
  17. Gollnick

    Is BMW a good choice?

    I've been a Mercedes owner for many years now and sing the praise of Mercedes cars. My older brother and his wife both drive 300-series BMWs and are very happy with them. My boss likes his 500-series BMW a lot. Mercedes and BMW are more expensive, but they are worth it in the long run.
  18. Gollnick

    Military pretender, what would you do?

    Nothing. Just keep your eye on your own path. Taking about what he wanted to do is nothing. If he crosses the line and starts to claim that he actually was something he was not, that's a different matter.
  19. Gollnick

    The metric system ...

    But that one is easy. 5/32 is just that. 3/4 is 24/32. 5/8 is 20/32. 1 and 3/8 is 32/32 + 12/32 = 44/32. 15/16 is 30/32. And 1' 8" is one foot and eight in inches. Let's deal with those 32nds first. It's 5 + 24 + 20 + 44 + 30 of 'em = 123 / 32nds. And that's 3 and 27/32. Now add on the...
  20. Gollnick

    The metric system ...

    Why wouldn't you? It works just fine for the purpose. If it was a matter of building that new road and a avoiding the 36-inch (91.44cm) natural gas pipeline that burried around here somewhere, you might hope that better surveying techniques might be used. But, for day-to-day getting from here...
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