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    For Sale: Hinderer xm-18 (Legion Sig Sauer edition), Boker Kwaiken CF

    I’d take the Hinderer if still available please
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    Still available? John
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    I’ll take it if still available please. I realize I don’t have much feedback on here, but I believe some people would give vouches on CRK exchange or fan page. I’m off the net for most of this morning, but will PP you as soon as possible this afternoon if that works. Thanks
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    All Sold Seven CRK Non Folders (3 OPK)

    jphoxsey at my Gmail account or john hoxsey in Facebook. I didn't know there was a difference in paid accounts
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    All Sold Seven CRK Non Folders (3 OPK)

    I'm sorry I don't see where to PM you. If you're on FB, this post has been posted on the CRK Fanpage and I can PM you there. Sorry
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    All Sold Seven CRK Non Folders (3 OPK)

    I would like the PS Tanto if available
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    Umfaan by Chris reeve for sale.

    I know its been a while, but is the Umfaan still around?
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC