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    Bento Box Paramilitary 2 M390 coming back in stock?

    Agree. Mine is flawless. Ordered Monday morning, fully expecting to see it sometime next year, got a shipping notice Wednesday. Arrived today in perfect shape. VERY impressed. ETA: This is very interesting. My paperwork in the box, the Edge U cation paper, is from the Knifeworks M4/carbon...
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    DDC Tanto CLEAN ****LAST DROP***

    Yes, the original is included.
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    DDC Tanto CLEAN ****LAST DROP***

    Hello all. I have a very clean DDC Custom for sale. This is a tan handle with the American flag etched in. The Tanto blade is uber sharp. I have done nothing but strop it. No stick, no rock lock. This is some awesome Dwyer work. Steel is S30V that Dwyer does awesome with. The Pete Grey LBS...
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    TAD gear Dauntless Mk4 - carbon fibre scale quality

    That's the crap part about Tad gear, they don't make any of it, therefore cannot provide any meaningful warranty help. While I've always dug the design and the look of that knife, I've steered clear because of that. They have always been all secretive about who makes it too. I remember a guy who...
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    What Did You Use Your Sebenza For Today ???

    Used my CGG Damascus 25 to cut the cardboard flaps off of boxes of 9mm ammo. Think today we went through 2200 rounds. That's only 3 boxes, but it cut those cardboard flaps like they were hot butter. LOVE DT Damascus!!!
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    Benchmade Contego Corrosion Resistance?

    M4 is far more corrosion resistant than many think. Short of storing it wet, it's fine. BM uses a great coating. The Contrgo is about as tough as a production folder can be. Buy it and use it hard. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed. I've had several btw, so I'm not talking from theory, but...
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    Medford Praetorian opinions.

    I find them absolutely ridiculous. When did we get away from knives actually doing what knives are supposed to do.....that is, cut things? I think they take the overbuilt knife thing to the extreme. I have held them and messed with them at the SHOT Show. Not for me. I want a knife that will...
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    Best Old School Pocket Knife? Who would it be?

    Could not agree more! Have knives worth $500-$800. I also have a great collection of Case Trappers that I absolutely love!
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    How good are the Chris Reeve Sebenzas?

    I told myself I wasn't going to get into this discussion. Knives are like politics. Very deep and very emotional to some people. MY opinion only: yes, they are incredible knives. I had a couple many years ago. I ended up selling them to go down the Hinderer, Strider, bigger is better road. I got...
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    Demko 4Max VS Cold steel 4Max

    I have to say for being big, monster folders, they did darn good. Looks like they are both a nice flat grind. They seem to cut well for their size. It looks like Cold Steel really nailed the production version of that knife. Great job CS. Thank you for posting this video. I would have...
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    Knife Review: Spartan Harsey Folder (SHF)

    Very well written, thorough review. Thank you.
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    Any opinions on Strider CTS-40CP?

    It's in the 16-18% chromium range. That would rate it as very stain resistant. I'm not 100% sure how much of the chromium is used up in carbides vs. being free to act stainless if you will. I seem to remember 440C as being pretty good in that respect. I would say you likely wouldn't be...
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    Any opinions on Strider CTS-40CP?

    Its just another company's 440c. Not a bad steel. Actually, done correctly, it's a good steel. It has lost some of it's shine in the last several years because of the rise of the PM "Super Steels". I wouldn't choose it over S30V at all. Many folks forget that S30V was and is a darn good steel. I...
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    KW CF/M4 Para2 Exclusive

    ^^^^^^ absolutely not. It's not "thick" at all. The Paras aren't that tight on tolerances anyway.
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    Legit/genuine winkler axe?

    I have that exact same axe. Based on everything I see, it looks legit. Good grab there.
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    PRICE BLAST!!!!User DDC one of a kind PRICED TO MOVE

    Hello all. This one is a true one of a kind. Dwayne made just one of these. This one is a PD1 Bowie shaped blade. This is a user and priced as such. Has a touch of rock lock, and some marks on the blade. This is a hardcore tool steel, not a stainless. Dwayne would be glad to clean her up, he...
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    Anyone know the name of the knife that Rick Flag used in suicide squad?

    Mr. Winkler; that would be awesome. I'm a fan of your kit anyway, that would just be a cool added bonus.
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