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  1. KenOnion

    What is Ken Onion's favorite steel these days?

    When I started making there were few choices. 440C was what a lot of folder makers used as well as ATS-34. I am lucky to be able to play around with just about all the newest offerings and as such have a few favorites. SG2 is one of my first choices for a precision folder if cost is no issue...
  2. KenOnion

    Are Spyder Holes Liabilities?

    I rarely post here but feel it necessary at this time to hopefully clear some things up. I have absolutely nothing but love and mad respect for Sal, Gail and Eric Glesser as well as the whole Spyderco team. I have been friends with them for over 25 years. Sal mentored me as a young fledgling...
  3. KenOnion

    Flattened Detent ball for flipper

    A simple system to quickly set your bearing to the proper depth. Drill the bearing hole with a # 53 drill . Take an old reamer or piece of 3/16-1/4 round stock or whatever is handy and chuck it in your lathe. Use a 1/16 ball nose endmill and drill into the end of the rod .024-.026 deep...
  4. KenOnion

    Flattened Detent ball for flipper

    I usually go with a 1/16 bearing and leave it protruding .024-.026 and drill the hole in my blade with a #54 drill bit. Make sure your blade is perfectly flat and parallel and buff the tang of your blade (where your bearing rides) with a cotton buff and some white compound to smooth out the...
  5. KenOnion

    A couple of Camp knives fresh from the shop.

    Thanks a million for the kind comments. The blades are CPM3V and about .250 thick flat ground to about .015 and then convexed to zero. the hamon is fake.Blade length is 7 inches.I did an acid wash finish on the blade to give them some character . They looked to shiny with a hand polish and...
  6. KenOnion

    A couple of Camp knives fresh from the shop.

    I don't do very many fixed blades so I figured I'd share.
  7. KenOnion

    The late, GREAT Stan Fujisaka...

    He was my mentor, Sensei and friend. He will be missed. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for his encouragement and push.I love that man dearly.
  8. KenOnion

    The current 'Tactical Custom Folder' market = HOTTEST ever?

    Great post John! The great thing is that this industry is diverse enough and large enough that there is something for everyone, I love that ! I feel that my style and preferences has changed over the years and as a result , so has my knives. I kinda feel like that is the natural evolution of...
  9. KenOnion

    Worksharp Ken Onion Edition

    Glad you like it guys! I am happy to be working with the folks at Worksharp. They are a great company that gets it and I am confident they are paying attention and sincere about making sure you are happy with there products and service.
  10. KenOnion

    Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition

    Great review Vincent , Thank You !
  11. KenOnion

    Work Sharp Ken Onion edition is FREAKIN' AWESOME! Long Post

    Thanks guys , Glad you like it ! I'm pretty happy to finally have a sharpener on the market that I believe in . I am confident you will find a ton of different reasons to use this little machine. I have used it on fishing hooks , Axes , Lawn mower blades , exacto blades, garden trowels, machetes...
  12. KenOnion

    Kitchen Knife(s) for Chef

    Well I agree with everything you said but also feel most cooks / chefs have been using what they have been using for so long that they have gotten used to there traditional skinny, flat and unergonomic knives and don't really know any better . Nor have they realized that there knives were never...
  13. KenOnion

    Kitchen Knife(s) for Chef

    Could it be that it is less about the steel and blade shape on the Victorinox and more about the handle comfort ? This is just my observation and please chime in here with your opinions but I think most kitchen knives are uncomfortable . Little skinny flat handles that are not designed for the...
  14. KenOnion

    Rotary Platen- use of

    I use mine primarily for convex grinding , sharpening and crowning handles on folders . It is amazing for convex sharpening and Scandi type grinds . It is also pretty great for blending a hard and soft material together evenly . I have used it on folder blades but mostly hollow grind my folders...
  15. KenOnion

    Evenheat vs Sugarcreek Kilns??

    I have two Evenheat ovens and they are awesome !! Plus they have amazing service if you ever need that and they are great folks . I have one that go's to 2450 . I can do just about anything with it !
  16. KenOnion

    Rotary Platen- use of

    I still think it would be great to get away from rubber coated wheels and just use aluminum hubs of different sizes to drive a belt system on at least 1 shop grinder . I think there will always be a place for rubber coated wheels but mostly on slack belt operations for shaping handles . Lets...
  17. KenOnion

    Rotary Platen- use of

    I will show it once I get it built and dialed in . Rob is his own dude , He is welcome to make it if he wants . I think it is the next evolution of the rotary platen but won't know until one is built and tested .
  18. KenOnion

    Rotary Platen- use of

    I was just looking at fenner . I'm gonna buy one and check it out . Thanks !
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