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    Knife patina

    Do you think this would work with D2? I have a new Made in Alaska that is D2 and am wondering if it would work to get a good patina coating on it's blade. Omar

    paper sharpening wheels - when your time is important to you

    This ^^^ I use a 60 grit belt to re-grind the grit wheel, and then follow up with some 100 grit for the final grind to smooth and square off the wheel. Omar

    paper sharpening wheels - when your time is important to you

    You can use a wire brush to remove excess wax, or just grind on a piece of flat steel gently until it grinds off. The easiest and best way is with the wire brush. By the way, it is better with too much wax, than not enough. If the wheel still grinds the knife blade, then there is no need to...

    Need a Sharpener... Need Cash... Need Advice

    Joe, for about $100 you can get a set of paper wheels and with a buffer from Harbour Freight. There is a thread at the top of this forum with all you ever wanted to know, but was afraid to ask about the paper wheels. It was started by Richard J that is the paper wheel guru. Here is a link to the...

    How long does a knife last...

    Good post and good explanation there Stitch. It boils down to just good common sense and paying attention to your "tools" and taking good care of them. I don't re-work my wrenches after each use. I just clean them up and put them away for the next time I need them. (not really a good example...

    Getting A Good Edge With a Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

    I have the same tool, and I have sharpened some S30V blades with it. The above about the same angles is critical. Use a marker to mark the blade to see if you are following the same existing angle. I also quit using the guides and use it freehand, holding the knife blade up near the top pulley...

    Razor Edge paper wheel motor

    I use a 3450 rpm motor with my paper wheels. The blade will get hot quickly if you don't keep it moving and don't use a light touch. Also, the wax should be applied to the grit wheel, and that keeps the heat down and keeps the sparks down if applied right. I do not have a problem with overheated...

    Need to save my opinel

    I agree with jpm2, some steel wool will get it back up and running as good as new, ( might not look new, but it will have some character ) then apply some light oil, or use the simichrome to polish it up. Then slice up some apples or oranges and let it sit overnight to get a nice layer of grey...

    paper sharpening wheels - when your time is important to you

    Hey protourist, have you heard from Richard J? I know you kept in touch with him for a while, but have not heard anything about him for a long time. Just curious, miss his posts on here. Omar

    paper sharpening wheels - when your time is important to you

    Great looking job Kwackster! That work with the diamond compound is impressive to say the least. Omar

    Is it worth the effort?

    Congratulations on a job well done on "YOUR" knife! It appears you had the skill set to do an awesome job of restoring it to your specifications. I would be proud to own that knife. You should be too. Omar

    Opinel care, maintenance, and tips needed.

    I have a #6 in my pocket right now that I have been carrying for over two years, every day. I have yet to have a problem with it opening or swelling up where it is hard to open. I live near Atlanta, which is quite humid most of the year. I have never dropped it in any water however. It is the...

    Kalamazoo on the WAY!

    Is that a set of paper wheels in the first picture to the right of your belt grinder? Omar

    Edge dulls easily after stropping

    I have good luck with using an instruction book from a piece of equipment I have. (about 10 pages) I fold it in half and pull my blades through it pinching with my thumb and forefinger to apply some pressure on the blade edge. (I am not cutting the paper but using it to strop the edge) The paper...

    Knife sharpening service fail (with pics)

    I would at least ask for a free do over with instructions on what you want done. Any way you go, the metal is gone and can not be replaced. He/they would not want any negative reviews out about them, so I would think he should do a do over for free + free shipping. Can't hurt to ask. I would...

    Does anyone use paper wheels on high end kitchen cutlery?

    Simple answer.... YEP! Disclaimer: not without some practice on some less expensive knives to get acquainted with the technique involved in doing a good job without overheating the edges. It is not hard to learn if you are careful to pay attention to what is happening when the knives are on the...

    I am kind of upset...

    I am sorry that you do not like the term "Stupid Tax". I was not implying that you were stupid. That term was taken from Dave Ramsey, a noted debt councilor, and radio personality. He uses that term when we/I/you spend money and wind up with nothing useable in return. It is usually something we...

    Is it worth the effort?

    From the looks of the picture, the knife is a long way from being ruined/useless. It will take some careful effort on your part to fully restore it. However if you take your time and try to not do something beyond your skill set, then you will be successful. Nice looking collection by the way! I...

    I am kind of upset...

    Not sure what type of license you are referring to here? Last time I checked, knife sharpening was not a regulated type of business, like for instance a plumber, or electrician. The only type of license required in my neck of the woods is a business license from the local government. (in...

    Why not a full grit progression for the Sharpmaker?

    I don't know a lot about the physical makeup of the Sharpmaker rods, so take this for what it is worth. It may be that the mfg of such rods may be cost prohibitive due to the slender make up of them. In order to make them the size to fit the holder and be strong and durable enough to withstand...
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