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    SOLD: red 66 and red 77 plus bonus

    I just disccovered my wife and I are looking at 60k or so in medical bills associated with our lil one's genetic condition. So, I'm selling these to add a little to the pot. This is a package deal. #661214 in jigged garnet covers. It's a great user, with some patina on both blades. Wicked...
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    Thank you. I'll clean it out.
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    White CF Shuffler in excellent, carried but unused condition. Will ship in original Lion Steel barlow box and packaging. My camera is acting up, and will continue to try to upload more pics Withdrawn.
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    Lionsteel Roundhead in Carbon Fiber (second run)

    Someone wanted one of these in the "WTB" forum. Here's the post. Hope it helps.
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    Stag #38 & #48, NC #71

    Unlikely 2nds on the bullnose.
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    Black Big bay:sold

    Sold. Thanks so much.
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    Black Big bay:sold

    This is the original post. I received it today and am sending it along to a more appreciative owner. The description made by the original owner appears correct, but I do detect some light scuffing on the presentation side. $155...
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    My black Big Bay for your black Delta or Fayette Jack

    I'm only looking for black covers, thank you.
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    My black Big Bay for your black Delta or Fayette Jack

    I have a few clip points already, and so would like to swap my like-new Big Bay for your Delta or Fayette in similar, or gently-used condition. Slip and coin included. Thank you.
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    Northwoods & GEC

    Pm sent. Thank you.
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    Northwoods freemont jack.

    Alpha is up. I don't have time to set up a new form of payment. Thank you.
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    NIT ancient TC: $199 delivered

    Just purchased this on the secondary market, but an unforeseen expense has emerged and thus this fine Charlie C SFO ancient TC is on the block. Only opened for pics, this is Sold Asking $199 Friends including Priority shipping, or $206 Goods. Your new TC ships this afternoon. Thank you.
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    Sold:Case XX bathing beauty and Opinel combo

    As of 7 am Tues these are available.
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Native XF ad, Below bottom BC